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Bank of America Ordered to Pay $1 Million – Unfair Debt Collecting

Are You Owed Money Too?

You should have read in the press over the last several weeks the major story about Bank of America being ordered to pay a breathtaking $1 Million Dollar Judgment by a Tampa judge. The facts in the case are simple…Bank of America was hounding and bullying a local couple over late bills.  The couple sued and now Bank of America has been ordered to pay the judgment.  If you’re thinking to yourself, “The same thing happens to me, why don’t I sue?” (this is what you should be thinking) Well, the answer to the question is… probably should be suing.Bank of america to pay one million

Just read the actual lawsuit, a copy of which is right here when you read the actual allegations, you can quickly see that these kind of complaints apply across the board in most consumer debt transactions.

Look, the reality is far too many consumers just sit back and take the abuse and the flagrant violations of the laws that banks and corporations are engaging in on a regular basis.  This behavior more than any other has got to stop. And the behavior I’m talking about is consumers deciding not to pursue their rights.

There are so many violations that it’s impossible to come up with even a short list.  The persistent calls to home and cell phones. The calls to consumers at work. The threats of the debt collectors. The banks “losing” paperwork over and over again. The banks sending jack booted thugs masquerading as “home inspectors” to “check on a property”, gestapo-like tactics that are really about hounding the consumer about the underlying debt.

We’re going to get them. We’re going to make them stop.  We already are.  Let us help you.  The first step is documenting the abuse and the violations.  Save all the mail you get and take detailed notes of who’s calling you and when; what they are saying and what kind of improper information they are providing.

Then, get that information to us so we can frame it into lawsuits that serve your interests.  Together, we can make it stop.

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