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Attorney General to Robo Signers: “I Can’t Say Enough, If You Engaged In This Conduct Come Forward Now”

loan-fraud-schemeA key principle in criminal prosecutions is that if the target of investigations comes forward first, they are afforded greater protections and leniency by the prosecution and court when their crimes are fully disclosed.

I urge every single person who has ever participated in the rampant scourge of our nation’s legal system that was, and continue to be, the robo signing scandal to read the attached press release very carefully.

Every single one of the thousands of robo signers who have worked in this state and in states all across this country need to

Read the Grand Jury Transcripts Carefully!

For all of you that sat in cubicles and signed away tens of thousands of times a day, do you recognize now that you were signing your life away?   How closely do your daily work activities resemble the very work activities that are described in the grand jury testimony?

Recognize that it does not matter that you were only following the orders of your employers.

And will your employers stand up and protect you now?

Read the article now:

Come Forward Now And Absolve Yourself


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