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ATTORNEY GENERAL Sues To Protect Consumers From Mass Joinder Lawsuits Scams!

(Sorry folks, not Florida, this news where consumer rights are protected comes from California)


I feel badly for the thousands of consumers all across this state who have been victimized by the whole Mass Joinder scam.   Charlatans, con artists and parties who are either attorneys or just shucksters posing as attorneys continue to suck hundreds of thousands of dollars from consumers all across this state all the time.

It’s not like all of this is a big secret.   Issues relating to this phenomena have been reported on the front page of the St. Petersburg Times.   (Read Full Story Here) But while something is being done in other states, nothing doing in good old Floriduh.

But just so you have some idea what consumer protection looks like, just so you know what an attorney general’s job description entails, read this:

VAN NUYS, Calif. (CN) – California’s attorney general claims the Kramer and Kaslow law office is running a foreclosure scam that has suckered “thousands of California homeowners.” The state claims the law office and a long list of other defendants “prey on desperate consumer homeowners facing foreclosure” by selling participation in bogus “mass joinder” lawsuits and “litigation settlement(s),” but “No settlements exist and in some cases no lawsuit has even been filed.”
The state claims the defendants send bogus mailers announcing “Litigation Settlements,” telling homeowners they can join a “national litigation settlement” with their lender, but “No settlements exist and in some cases no lawsuit has even been filed.”

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  • gregory says:

    It would not suprise me to find out that the whole investigation was paid for by the banks, With california cash strapped how did they come up with the means to catch and investigate this large scale abuse as they claim. And why isn’t the AG investigating the banks for their wrong doing?Why hasen’t she found anything there? Every time you send the Fraud to them they tell you they don’t have the resources to investigate this or that.As we all know in the FRAUDCLOSURE world these Banks will stop at nothing to cover their FRAUD.

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