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Vacant Land Auctions: Hillsborough County 2018

If you’re investing in Florida real estate, you know that prices are exploding in every sector. But there is one source of largely untapped opportunities for good value that is largely overlooked: vacant land sales on the county’s public auction site. In response to a prior video and post that I’ve done: (click here) where I lay out all the details on how to register an account and begin bidding,

I wanted to provide a list of several properties that will be coming up for bid in July 2018. This list is found here: JulyAuctions

Stay tuned for updates, because additional properties will be added on a regular basis. Please note that St. Petersburg already has a great volume of properties, largely vacant land, selling on a regular basis, all of which are available through the same website!

Waterfront properties may be hard to come by….but there really are interesting pieces available for immediate sale!

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For more vacant land auctions information, connect with Matthew Weidner on Facebook.

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