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Are You Better Off Today Than You Were 20 Years Ago?


There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.
Donald Rumsfeld

 Ah, the world we live in today.   To riff off an old piece of political propaganda”¦.


That’s a question that we must all be asking, and there’s no question”¦that for 99% of Amerikans, the answer to the question is a resounding, firm, loud, angry”¦.


Well it certainly was not always this way and in fact, believe it or not, it did not at all seem like we were even heading in this direction.   But things have gotten so bad around here that you may find that hard to believe.   But let’s take a brief look back at the world, beginning around 1990.   The world was a comparatively much safer and rational place, not this paranoid acid trip danger zone that the world is today.   The truth is Bush Senior presided over a fairly restrained administration, there was still some sense of justice and fairness and this nation was in a clear ascendancy.   Now, in retrospect many of the seeds of this nation’s decline were planted then”¦chief among those seeds is the GREAT SUCKING SOUND that we were warned about by Ross Perot”¦and his quite prescient movies like my favorite, ” Chicken Feathers, Deep Voodoo and the American Dream,”.   Ross Perot warned us twenty years that we were going to end up in exactly the peril we’re in today”¦he was aghast at debt that was projected to be”¦.$4 trillion!   And that debt was only going to get worse because we were shipping all our jobs and economic base off to other countries”¦including our enemies.
It truly is crazy how similarly history repeats itself…read this description of a third party Texan SCREAMING about corruption within the two majority parties while boldly asserting they lack the qualifications to address this nation’s economic crisis (here)…that was 1992.
Ross certainly had it right on the domestic economic policy front and in the intervening twenty years that gigantic sucking sound has died down “¦.primarily because they’ve globalist ticks have sucked nearly every last thing there was left to suck from their fat and vulnerable host.   And now it’s gone.   The Bain of the middle class existence wasn’t exactly a stealth attack”¦.it was a frontal assault on America that came with parades down MainStreet America.   The parades all terminated at the factories that were being gutted and have stood vacant ever since.
And what was the economic policy that was to follow after the parade of job offshoring left town?   While all the factories were being closed and sent offshore and towns were shriveling up and dying, did anyone..anyone stop to consider what jobs were going to replace them?   No, nothing was developed….nothing new at all.   There was none and there remains none”¦ one.   Death, destruction, global pillaging and marauding.
Which brings us to the next part of the discussion.   Like it or not, Bill Clinton’s America was Pax Americana circa 2000.   Clearly his judgment was very, very questionable”¦.Monica was a big sloppy mess and remained a big sloppy mess”¦..but aside from that, things were looking up for the US.
Enter the Neo Cons and The Deal With The Devil
My parents didn’t really care for Jimmy Carter or   Bubba and enough of their friends didn’t care much for Bush I, but there is ZERO history suggesting any of them were anti-Christ figures.   The American President as anti-Christ began with Bush II and is fully developed now with Obama.   Think about it”¦seriously, even half-sane people can engage in substantive discussions about the symbology and possibility that the last two Amerikan regimes represent a decided national shift into the darkest levels of hell.   Figuratively or literally, I suppose it all depends on where you lie on the conspiracy theory spectrum.   Don’t know exactly where you are, but count me squarely as one who can entertain substantive discussions of a figurative slide into a fantasmagorically dark and evil place by the leading figure of this nation.
Pax Americana, a time of peace, prosperity and hopefulness was substantively replaced with PNAC, the Project for a New Amerikan Century. A clear argument can be made that the touchstone PNAC document, and the national policy that followed represented a clear contract with the Devil and a new allegiance to the darkest elements both of this world and of the underworld.   Read, learn and digest, the contract with the Devil, the contract that you signed through your proxy in this (purported) Representative Democracy.   It’s a contract that they signed in blood. The blood of Amerika’s young soldiers; soldiers sent all across this world to enforce:

The Project for the New American Century is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to a few fundamental propositions: that American leadership is good both for America and for the world; and that such leadership requires military strength, diplomatic energy and commitment to moral principle.

Hmm.    American leadership is good for America and for the world”¦.check.   Assuming that by ” leadership” you don’t mean burn, torture, maim, carpet bomb half the planet. And next”¦.such leadership requires military strength”¦ can just forget about the rest of that sentence because there has been ZERO ATTENTION to diplomatic energy and commitment to moral principle coming out this nation since oh, at least 2000. And sorry, but in my simple mind diplomacy and moral principle are delivered best not with Tomahawk missiles, but with umm”¦.I don’t know”¦.diplomatic energy and moral principles.   Broken down to its most clear elements, PNAC determined that this nation, once a bastion of liberty and justice and some integrity (at least in theory) would now execute bloody unrestrained war all across this planet.
Now keep in mind the sorcerers and architects of all this war making were not soldiers.   There were hardly any, and none in leadership, in this group who had ever worn any uniform of the armed forces they asserted they were going to put to work.   These were largely good ‘ole boys that earned their money the old fashioned way….daddy gave it to them.   And daddy got the their seats on the boards of directors of the companies that would profit when their war drum beating brought out a fight.   The worst kind of cowards…easy to talk tough when you damn sure aren’t gonna be anywhere near the battlefield.   Making overblown estimations of the threat of Iran is hardly new for these boardroom wanna be soldiers, read Iran report 2005 by these keyboard tuffguys.
Why exactly did the USA invade Iraq? Oh I’m sorry, you’re right let me be more specific”¦.why did we invade Iraq on two separate occasions?   Correct, you have no F*#king idea either. We all know the representations and propaganda   were all abject lies.   Was Colin Powell a known liar or did he just come to grips with that later?   That’s not a known known.   What is a known known is that whatever we were fighting against in Iraq was put there by the US. Yes, us.   Remember us?   Who supplied and provisioned the Iraq’s against their enemy Iran. Us. We, you and me, the USA.   No, the US didn’t just shake hands with Saddam Hussien”¦for decades US presidents and US foreign policy were engaged in deep, dirty and consensual lovemaking.   Are the photos of George Bush Sr shaking Saddam’s hands representative of earlier dealings with the Devil himself?   Not a known known.
What is a known known is the Neo Con corporate statists of this nation’s military industrial complex own our government. All of it. And they are perfectly content to send our nation’s youth into their wars.   They will not and they have not hesitated one instant to spill their blood on their deserts to accomplish their ends.   And again, what have they accomplished?   Are you or me or our families any safer today after twenty years of maniacal marauding across this planet?   Was the rest of the world out to get us twenty years ago?   Did the rest of the world hate us so much that we had to turn our entire nation’s economic, social, legal, political policy into a fully ladened and blast resistant MRAP?   That’s a rhetorical question.   The answer to that question is a known known.
So where are we today, 2012?   What happened to the Dear One, the savior who was to deliver us from This Evil?   Sure we’re back (somewhat) from abroad..sure we’ve retracted the bloody blade from Afghanistan and Iraq…somewhat, but we all accept that he’s just a figurehead “¦a puppet of the machine.   And whatever can he..can we do with this magnificently forged blade that is the United States military?   The blade does not just sit quietly in its sheath. The blade will never rest comfortably in some international display case.   Today, all around us”¦and on every corner of the globe”¦the blade is raised up, the glint of sunlight reflecting off the blade seen in villages and countries all across the planet. And in cities and states all across Amerika.
The military bases on every corner, and even more, the private contractors and military industrialists wedged firmly into every single crack and crevice of Amerika”¦yes indeed, a dark and smothering Wind this way continues to blow.
Just a thought here….an unknown unknown.   What if, instead of dressing our boys and girls in camouflage and turning them into the tip of the world’s spear we had instead dressed them in white lab coats and set them to work peering into deeply into microscopes….
Right….crazy talk.

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