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Are Circuit Courts Complicit in The Latest Wall Street Con Games?

dsnewsI have been screaming for months now that the lenders, servicers and shadowy entities that are pushing foreclosures through are engaging in more fraud that threatens to destabilize our economy and further damage American’s already shaky trust in government and institutions.

The fraud and con is being played out in circuit courts all across the State of Florida.   It happens when a foreclosure case is first filed and the Plaintiff is not even properly identified at all. (i.e. Aurora Loan Servicing, US Bank, Deutsche Bank National Trust)   I see very few complaints where the Plaintiff properly identifies itself in a manner that would allow the court or any party involved to actually know who was bringing the action and who was dragging the homeowner into court. Accordingly, judges all across this state are granting billions of dollars in foreclosure judgments, but they have absolutely no idea who they are granting these judgments to.

There are any number of improper purposes behind the active efforts of lenders to conceal the real identity of the parties at interest in these foreclosure cases.   One of the key reasons it seems is to conceal the true magnitude of problems that are plaguing the financial institutions, trusts and investment vehicles that are invested in these trusts.   We know from depositions and other sources that the real parties in interest are working actively to keep themselves distanced from litigation….and they attempt to take title and salvage their losses after the case is concluded.   Why…

Well, read the two articles below:

Deutsche Bank Fined

Record Number of Foreclosures Cancelled

So how are our courts complicit in these con games?   When they allow substitution of party plaintiff, assignments of bids and when they grant judgments to entities that they cannot identify and which have no legitimate claim to the mortgages they are suing upon.

When is it going to stop?   When will we all have enough of the Great Cons that continue to be perpetrated on us by the Titans of Wall Street?

When will judges demand that the parties appearing before them have fulfilled the most basic requirement of pleading and establishing capacity before they can even open the courthouse door and certainly before they are permitted to take one more American’s home.

When will it stop?

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