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Another Sickening Bank Break in Story…..

I get messages like this all the time. The terrifying part is (as you will see from the message) law enforcement will do nothing to protect or defend the homeowner.   Worse still, the courts are very slow and unwilling (as yet) to address this issue head on…
Message: We have not hired an attorney for our foreclosure yet. I wrote the Response to Summons myself. We are currently in the modification process and accoding to the DOJ settlement, the bank cannot foreclose. So far our second lien has been granted a full principal forgiveness and we are still awaiting   response to the modification application which they recieved in full for the primary mortgage. Before we were served with the Forelcosure summons they had come to our home and changed our locks while we were away. They continue to check on our house when we are not home, post vacant signs and tell us they can enter our home at any time and change the locks and turn off the power. After one such visit in the end of May, the next day our neighbor question men with a pickup truck and trailer in our driveway. They stated they were from the Bank and here to remove the appliances. They took our washer, dryer, oven and dug up some of my plants leaving the shovel from the garage in the ground still. Bank denies that this occured. I need help to stop/prevent them from entering my home again. The worse part was the sherriff who came to the house only filed a “Sworn Statement” and didn’t even fingerprint. He wouldn’t write it as a theft since the bank probably took it according to him nor did he take a statement from the neighbor sho saw the truck and spoke to the men.

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