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Another Passionate Letter To Florida Senators: Vote No On Senate Bill 1666 And House Bill 87…NO! TO FORECLOSURE FRAUD!

The passion from real people is so powerful.   And you know that there is no one on the other side of these bills who is reaching out in this way.   Only the monied special interests buying their way into Florida’s law books. How can our elected leaders ignore pleas like this:

Dear Senators,
It’s my understanding that the banks filed forged documents in foreclosures and had to pay a fine to the State of Florida and now the State is going to use that money to speed up the stalled foreclosures and strip the victims of their property, dignity, labor and money investment with HB-87 and SB 1666.
The number of elderly citizens in Florida increases your liability as lawmakers when you make decisions that allow the banks to commit fraud against the elderly, a weak and vulnerable population.  Won’t you be proud when your law puts Florida on the national news for dumping this vulnerable group of victims onto the streets.
Or perhaps it will take your father dropping dead in his foreclosure hearing like this man:
It is no secret that the amoral banks have committed numerous crimes that are unacceptable in our society, yet you seek to pass laws that are akin to giving Ted Bundy keys to every sorority house in the State.  In case you don’t know about the people that you are giving so much power to, read this:
The banks filed these foreclosure complaints years ago, hoping to steal them uncontested and they did with many.  When the defendant contested the foreclosure, the banks filed for extensions to produce the required proof and never came back, leaving them sit on the dockets for years!  The people aren’t clogging up our court systems, the banks are with unenforceable cases because they promised they wouldn’t forge any more documents and they are just waiting for you to give them yet another “get out of jail” vehicle to commit their crimes.   Homeowners don’t want to sit here in limbo for years.  We want to fix up our homes and live in peace but can’t with the threat of a pending foreclosure over our head for years. The banks are not dismissing these cases because they are waiting for you to remove our constitutional rights so they can double or triple their profits. 1) They have ripped off their investors on their securitized loan scams 2) then they commit fraud to steal people’s homes so that they can sell them and  3) take insurance payments on the same loan from HUD, Fannie, Freddie and AIG.  All with money that they never had.
I beg you to protect your grandchildren from people who launder money for terrorists and fund nazis. The financial elite don’t care about us and they don’t care about you.  You can thump your bibles and try to convince people that you care about your fellow man but your actions tell the truth. You can’t hide from your maker and you can’t hide from the voters who are trusting you to compensate us for the fear, pain and suffering that these banks have caused with their greed.  I hope your father doesn’t have cancer when the heartless bankers victimize you after years of on-time payments + extra principal as they did with me. I opted out of the class action suit to retain my rights and now you are trying to take them away from me.  I don’t have the money to buy your vote as they do and I don’t have the money to buy my home cash as you do, even though I am an esteemed health care professional with 10 years of higher education. Do you feel that it be OK for me to breach my duty to take care of you if you need medical care?Please don’t breach your promise to me and the thousands of other Floridians who have placed our trust in you.   Please,  Vote NO to SB-1666 and HB-87 AND pass laws to complete all foreclosures within 1 year of filing the complaint under our current laws. Once these backlogged cases are dismissed, you should bar the lender from filing again on the same foreclosure.   I did not vote for retired judges.   Would you like a retired surgeon who hasn’t picked up a scalpel in 10 years to operate on you?   How can the state require numerous professionals to be licensed to practice if they don’t require judges to be licensed?
You have put cameras on every street light and drones in the air to watch Floridians but it appears that the only people that we need protection from are our lawmakers and the bankers.  Please, pretend like you care so that we vote for you again.
Your constituent

Florida Senate Committee on Banking and Insurance

Senator  David Simmons  (R)

(407) 262-7578

(850) 487-5010

Senator  Jeff Clemens  (D)

(561) 540-1140

(850) 487-5027

Senator  Lizbeth Benacquisto  (R)

(407) 262-7578

(850) 487-5010

Senator  Nancy C. Detert  (R)

(941) 480-3547

(850) 487-5028

Senator  Miguel Diaz de la Portilla  (R)

(305) 643-7200

(850) 487-5040

Senator  Alan Hays  (R)

(352) 742-6441

(850) 487-5011

Senator  Tom Lee  (R)

(813) 653-7061

(850) 487-5024

Senator  Gwen Margolis  (D)

(305) 571-5777

(850) 487-5035

Senator  Bill Montford  (D)

(850) 653-2656

(850) 487-5003

Senator  Joe Negron  (R)

(772) 219-1665

(850) 487-5032

Senator  Garrett Richter  (R)

(239) 417-6205

(850) 487-5023

Senator  Jeremy Ring  (D)

(954) 917-1392

(850) 487-5029

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  • Joanne Rego says:

    HI, Matt,
    Hope all is WELL. This is SOMETHING THAT I have shared a lot. Thank you. P.S.) I have been following you and fighting foreclosurebsnce 2006. My name Is Joanne Bavi in Collier county. I recently employed Mike Wasylik. PleSe look at my dclocket!!!!!! And you will see how I have TRIED. I do not understand what I am up against with last 3 plaintiff and court issues. If you could call me anytime on Thursday this week only GOD can come of it. Thank you, Joanne 239-287-4653.

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