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Another Order out of Lee County….


  • triumphant says:

    If this is a Lee County (20th Circuit) Order, why does the header of this order say:

    “In the District Court of Appeal of the Second District of Florida” ???

    Has this order been appealed to the 2nd DCA?

  • triumphant says:

    If this Order is for real, then the incorrect “2nd DCA” heading indicates that Lee County’s “Rocket Docket” is staffed with “Robo-Judges” who simply stamp whatever order they are given by (or demand from) the foreclosure mills – without even reading them first! Why does this sound so familiar? Is this the beginning of the next “robo-scandal?”

  • litgant says:

    Honestly, can anyone show me where anything coming out of this Circuit is not shyster justice? These judges are a joke. I can see no justice from this Circuit. The Chief Judge should take off his robe and go back to his store-front practice. I am sick of this mess. Maybe some day justice will return to this Circuit. I hope so…

  • smtblnde says:

    The defense should include a counterclaim with their answer and affirmative defenses which would really throw a wrench in the civil procedure works.

  • jesse says:

    There are many obvious things going on with our judicial process in FL. The biggest problem I see are the defense attorneys not prosecuting the judges for violations of their oaths, Judicial Rules, and Title 18.

    Its really up to the people of Florida to take control and start filing Tort claims against these employees of the state. The facts are simple, once you put the state on Notice they have 120 days to correct the problem. If they don’t correct the problem then it is considered normal practice, then you follow through with the claim.

    The reality is, insurance companies don’t care who the person is, if they become a liability to them they will not insure them. Once you have 3 claims against these types of judges they become un-insurable. Done!

    The theft of honest services under Title 18 is no joke. Legislation has literally set up a foreclosure fund allowing courts to process these foreclosures under the famous rocket docket system. This means the state is taking tax payers dollars and using them to deprive the same people of due process. Sickening to say the least!

    Not until the people and the defense attorneys get together and start filing claims by the thousands will anything be done! Our group is in the process here in Orange county and we will not stop. Hope is foolish, action produces results!

    As long as we allow attorneys to testify on behalf of their clients and judges to run like they have free reign it wont stop! When it starts affecting their pensions and they cannot get insured….it will start to turn around.

    Go look up the Blitch case then see what can happen to a judge when they fool around. They are public servants to serve the people of Florida not hired hands for the banks.

    Wake up people, Matt warns against what is happening everyday yet no one taking action. This country is falling apart before our very eyes and its up to us, the people to turn it around.

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