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Angels From Deep Inside The Evil Foreclosure Mills


I want to reach out to all of those unseen and unsung heroes and angels who got stuck within and caught up in the evil doings of the foreclosure and document mills.   Judges, society and prosecutors will recognize those who directed the crimes and those who participated, but were unaware of the impact or the wrong.   You still have time to protect yourselves and your families. Reach out again to those than can help you, the press, the prosecutors and attorneys who can give you safe harbor and protect you. I also wanted to share a passage that was recently passed along to me….

A secret agent is one who seeks to protect his country, his king, or his president against evil forces that are opposed to the one he serves…God has his own secret agents–the angels.   Unseen and unrecognized by the world, they never fail in their appointed tasks.

Much has been written lately recently about angels–often not based on the Bible but on popular legends…only in eternity will we know how many accidents they prevented, or how often they kept Satan’s malicious spirits at bay.   In the meantime, we can take comfort in their presence, and thank God for the love He expresses for us through their service.

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