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Anatomy of Mortgage Fraud, Part I: (Big Time Economist/Reporter Headline…Not Me)

anatomy-foreclosureThis is all madness on such a grand scale that the biggest and brightest minds in our country are still struggling to wrap their heads around it.   No one has yet to provide any credible explanations that suggests this is anything other than absolute and complete MADNESS. The article is terrifying…

Here’s the deal. This financial crisis is like Shrek’s onion. As you peel back layer after layer of sleaze, you find that the whole damn thing is fraud. We are talking about tens of trillions of dollars of it. Tens of thousands of individuals were involved. It was thorough. It was blatant. It was even transparent, right under the noses of regulators and supervisors. It was normal business practice. It never had any fear of prosecution or punishment. Even today, it taunts the impotent administration, daring President Obama to do anything.

And it expects to win. The fraudsters have Congress in their back pocket and plan to rush through legislation to validate ex post all of their illegal activity. It is almost a foregone conclusion that Congress will pass a law early next year to legalize everything MERS and the big banks did — lending fraud, recording fraud, tax fraud, securities fraud, and foreclosure fraud. There will be no rule of law to protect private property in the United States.

Anatomy of Mortgage Fraud



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