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An Open Letter to This Nation's Lawyers…What Side of History Are You On?

There is a crisis that has been raging through our nation’s legal system for years now.   It’s a crisis that has destroyed our nation’s legal system and not only have attorneys, and the Bar associations”¦all of them; national, state, local”¦not done anything to help stop this crisis”¦almost all”¦especially the Bar associations”¦have been directly complicit in the crimes that have in fact decimated the very foundation upon this once great nation was built.
I’m speaking of course about the fraudclosure crisis that has been raging on for years, with we here in Florida sitting right at the epicenter.   Sitting here now in 2012, it is beyond any dispute, discussion or argument that lawyers and our legal system became fully engaged as the banks, financial services industries and our state and federal governments engaged in gross, systemic and in fact universal patterns of deceit, trickery, fraud and forgery then used our nation’s legal system to conceive, baptize, then consecrate a vast criminal enterprise that makes the world’s organized crime families look like mild mannered and honorable social services organizations.   The vast criminal enterprises known as the fraudclosure industry developed to fulfill one purpose only”¦.enforce mortgage contracts by whatever means necessary.   Legal or illegal. Ethical or unethical.   Whatever it takes.
Yes, contracts existed and yes, in most cases, consumers defaulted on those contracts.   But rather than comply with the laws and the rules of procedure and practice were developed to help ensure a fair, stable and safe society”¦a nation and a people unified under the protection of the Rule of Law, our nation’s lawyers helped the financial services industry create then implement the most pervasive criminal enterprise that mankind has ever conceived.
Forgery, document fraud, perjury, conversion and theft are the primary crimes that germinated and now flourish in courtrooms all across this country.   Those crimes, aided and abetted with blatant violations of civil laws and our Rules of Civil Procedure.   Not more than a few months ago, those crimes were crimes and violations of rules and laws were sanctioned.   Today, the crimes have been re-characterized in true Orwellian fashion.   Forgery is now ” surrogate signing”, document fraud is ” robo signing“, perjury is ” vice president of loan servicing”.  But who cares, I mean, after all they didn’t pay their mortgage so we should just ignore all of those pesky details. Lawyers should just continue to haul their manure. Judges should sign judgments of foreclosure that just affirm and ratify all that wrongdoing”¦right?
Right.   Real estate attorneys should just ignore notary laws and allow any person to execute documents, knowing full well the signature they’re notarizing is not that of the purported signer. Probate attorneys should ignore notary laws when wills and trust documents are executed. Prosecutors, defense attorneys and judges in criminal courtrooms should just allow forged and facially deficient probable cause, arrest warrants and evidence.   After all, they’re all guilty of something, right?   In personal injury cases, expert witnesses should sign any old affidavit or report or evidence put before them”¦.no need to actually read the documents or have any personal knowledge whatsoever.   In family law cases, let’s encourage the parties to fabricate allegations of child abuse and inflate or hide income, then file all that evidence in courtrooms all across the state.   After all, aren’t all those rules about perjury and fraud and forgery just pesky annoyances that we should all just ignore?
But the lawlessness does not stop there.   In the most dangerous and terrifying expression of the corporate fascist state running wild and out of control, the banks have decided that they have the lawful authority to break down doors and enter into the homes of Americans, with no court order, no phone call, no letter, no advanced warning whatsoever, just a crowbar and an impact drill violently crashing through your front door.   And yes, the corporate lawyers are aggressively and forcefully advocating the legality of this most dangerous desecration of fundamental American property rights.
It’s easy enough to demonize and point the finger of contempt and derision at the banks and Wall Street institutions, but the far more terrifying reality is that the banks are merely the agents acting on behalf of their undisclosed principal, the federal government of the United States of America.   The undisputed reality is that more than 60% of the residential mortgages in this nation are owned by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and untold additional interests in the private property of Americans are held, insured or are otherwise controlled by other arms or agencies of the federal government such as the Veterans Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture, pushing the official number of mortgages held by entities directly controlled by the federal government far north of the 60% number.
Now if you’re brave enough to take one more step down the rabbit hole, when you consider that virtually all residential mortgages are bundled up, securitized and sold off to international interests”¦interests so closely integrated with the nationless banking cartels and that the United States government is so inextricably enmeshed with these interests”¦.even to the detriment of individual United States citizens, you must believe and understand that the lawlessness and tyranny we see so clearly in the space of fraudclosure is nothing short of government sponsored fascist tyranny, enforced to fulfill the goals and desires of corporate interests.
History’s assessment of the response to the fraudclosure crisis by the lawyers of this state and the Bar Association will not be kind.   Lawyers had a once in a lifetime opportunity to show the citizens we are supposed to be serving the highest values and calling of this profession, but the profession chose not just to look the other way, to divert its collective eyes from the crime scene.   The profession decided to jump right in and be fully engaged, active and aggressive participants in the crime spree.
There’s an old saying,
When the crisis is over all that will be remembered is how you conducted yourself during it.
And so Themis, how did we do?


  • DolleyMadison says:

    You are on a roll the last few days, Matt – this post is getting mega copies for my weekly mass “airdrop” at the courthouse and local paper! (with a shoutout to the skateboarding community – couldn’t do it w/o them!) The last one stayed in the Ladies room at courthouse for weeks – and another at register of deeds sat on waiting room table for quite awhile too!

  • Triumphant says:

    “The undisputed reality is that more than 60% of the residential mortgages in this nation are owned by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac…”
    – huh? Careful there. How do you know that? How is that in any way “undistupted?” Why would you ever admit to something that is so difficult, if not impossible to prove?
    Your other “admission” with which I have a problem is “Yes, contracts existed and yes, in most cases, consumers defaulted on those contracts.” Again, I hope you are not making this admission on behalf of your clients. If, as you state later, these were all securitized, then neither Fannie or Freddie “own” the “contracts,” and it is arguable that the “contracts” were ever truly valid. And if a “co-obligor” – like the “servicer” – was making payments to the true “creditor,” then there was no “default” on the part of the homeowner.

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