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An Amazing Analysis of Affidavits and Assignments

A few days ago I asked for examples of questionable affidavits and assignments.       Attorneys and activists are often screaming about notary and filing fraud, but quantifying the fraud and presenting it is very difficult.

Attached here is an amazing powerpoint presentation that asks some important questions about affidavits and assignments that are of record across the country.   Now I was only able to attach abou2 20 pages here, but the presentation is more than 161 pages long.   I will be posting more of the slides later, but I encourage everyone to take a close look at the presentation.   It should provoke some important questions for every party involved in foreclosure in any way.

The most important question I ask is how our courts are continuing to allow such improper filing and recording activities to continue?   Keep in mind that all that is required in the vast majority of cases for a foreclosure to proceed is an assignment of mortgage and an affidavit of amounts due and owing….as you will see from the slides on the presentation, these documents are easily (and often are) created in a questionable manner.


  • Deontos says:


    Can you post this as a .ppt file instead of a .pptx file? I cannot open it with my version of powerpoint.

  • Andrew says:

    Well done. Tell me, if FL doesn’t require assignments to be recorded, how does one go about building an audit trail of title ownership? The pretender-lender calls all this paperwork “proprietary”. The securitized trust, Lehman in my case, is in bankruptcy. I suppose you can only get them via discovery in litigation.

  • cindy says:

    This is amazing. You have to post all of them. I’m going thru a December 19, 2008 “, but effective as of sept 4, 2008” problem.

  • Ron White says:

    My assignment of mortgage was done by Kimberly Dawson, VP of Countrywide, signing for MERS as nominee for American Home Mortgage. The assignment and attached notery form both had blank dates but the assignment had inserted language that the assignment was effictive April 2, 2009 (Both were attached to the petition for foreclosure). The assignment was executed in Coillin Texes, not sure if that is pertinant. The notery was Regina McAninch, again not sure if that is pertinant. Several weeks later the Assignment was filed with my county and the same person (unknown) wrote in the date’s on both the Assignment and the Notery’s verification.

    Can anyone help with bogus assignments done by Kimberly Dawson or notary Regina McAninch?

    There is no affidavit of the debt owed, just stated in the petition and attested to by the signing attorney. However, I finding out that this may be legal and all that is required in Oklahoma. May also be legal, in Oklahoma, that the listed and noterized signature of the attorney was not the signature of the listed attorney but actually signed by a different attorney.

    Verification reads: “Stacie Bryza, beign first duly sworn, upon oath, deposes and says: That he/she is one of the attorneys for the Plaintiff in the above entitled action; that he/she prepared the above and foregoing Petition, knows the contents thereof, and that to the best of his/her knowledge and belief, the matters and things therein set forth are ture and correct.” And signed by Shannon D. Tayler!!! And they say all this is legal in Oklahoma? I don’t get it!!!

    • Gustavo says:

      Did you found something else about KIMBERLY DAWSON assigments ?
      If you do,I appreciated that you share with me,because I’m another victim like you.
      Thank you so much.

    • Brent Adams says:

      I am currently handling a case involving Kimberky Dawson an Vice President of Bank of New York. Call me (919) 832-0022

  • Inigo Montoya says:

    My assignment was done 4 1/2 years after the fact as well. From Argent Mortgage to Deutsche Bank National Trust.

    I don’t understand how they can do this. Argent went out of business in 2007 and the trust that my note is securitized into closed in 2005.

    That said, I doubt that I have a case.

    What a abunch of BS. There is obvious fraud rampantly present in all of these sub-prime predatory loans. But the govt would rather bail these bank out with hundreds of billions of tax dollars than protect the citizen.


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