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Americans Only Exist To Serve The IRS and Banks- You Have No Real Money Anymore

Remember the American Dream?   You owned “your” home, mom and dad worked hard to support 2.5 kids and once a year the whole family went to Disney for a vacation.   Well folks, that delusional picture has been a dangerous delusional picture for several decades.   We’ve all been living under a vicious fiction where no one really owns anything at all anymore….the banks and your government own everything around you, you’re just renting it…and you’re paying one hell of a premium….it’s downright usury. You don’t work to secure any of your future and you certainly are not preserving any future for your children. Unlike in prior generations where grandmom and grandad actually did own their homes and actually did pass on wealth to the next generation…we’re all just spinning our wheels burning up whatever capital we earn from the work we do and the wage we earn.

Sit down and think about it.   What is your net take home pay?   What is in your check after taxes and all the money that just goes straight to the government from you paycheck.   And now from that meager net take home pay how much of that goes to pay the next level of government, state and local sales tax, state and local fees for driver’s license and property taxes and parking tickets and every other tax and fee and charge and license.


Would you like to know how many months you work to pay taxes….well, Tax Freedom Day is estimated to be April 11 in 2011.   That means every single moment you worked from January 1 until April 11 went straight back to the government to pay for all the wonderful services provided.   Click here to find out more about the totality of wage and income that is collected in the form of taxes and fees.


So now think about the rest of your wage and income.   You’ve worked until April and every penny of that wage went straight back out of your pocket.   Now think about how much of your wage and income goes straight back into the pockets of banks and institutions.   Total up the interest you pay on mortgage, credit cards, car payment and any other financing you carry.   If you added that number up and spread it across the remaining 8 wage earning months in the year, how many of those months are you working and sending every single penny of that wage to the banks?   If the interest on your mortgage is $2,000 and your car is $600 and your credit cards is $400, so that your total interest payment per month is $3,000.   If your net take home wage is $1,500 per month, then you’re working two more additional months just to service the debt on your obligations…oh yeah, anyone making student loan payments?   Is that one additional month of your wage?   And think about this, you haven’t paid for the first meal, the first tank of gas, not one single dollar on medical and not a single electric payment.   Add those up and you’ve probably spent the first nine months of the year just on bills and basic survival.

And now back to that debt burden.   We’re just talking about debt service…not actually paying any of it off.   Which means you’ll be paying that debt service for the rest of your life….unless of course you take the last two months of your wage and pay down the principle on your mortgage and pay off your credit cards…..

Enjoy your Sunday and get ready for the hamster wheel on Monday.


  • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

    All payments to the IRS go the the US Treasury which turns it over to the Federal Reserve Bank to service the United States debt. All currency comes into circulation as debt: we sell bonds (promises to pay in the future) to gain access to our own currency. Please look at Article One, Section 8 of the Constitution of the United States:
    . . .
    To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;
    To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States;. . .
    The sovereign currency cannot be borrowed. It is created. No sovereign currency has been in circulation since the days of Andrew Jackson (who cannot be forgiven for the Trail of Tears) but at least knew the dangers of the Bank of the United States. So did Thomas Jefferson who said, “And I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale.”

  • david b. says:

    hello Mr. Weidner

    do you know about the july 1st install in all federal banks of the NPV model software. this software will determine who gets a mod. the fed reserve orderd this to happen.

    unbeknowst to most consumers, no consumer can pass this test to get eligible for a loan modifcation. the s/w directs the lender without telling the homeowner to foreclose and until that happens continue to get payments misleading the howeowner that they are getting the mod

    and then use those paymenst to pay for foreclosure fees. I do not know if you know about Maiden Lane I trust owned by the FED bank of new york. there are over $ 1 trillion 1,000,000,000,000 second trusts in the this trust. they are rated -bbb junk by the mortgage rating agencies.

    basically what this means that as of july 1st, 2011 any homeowner who walks into a fed bank and asks for a mortgage loan modification will be run through the NPV model and most will flunk. the homeowner probabaly will be foreclosed on .

    no one knows about this as far as the media is concerned. it is a substantiated allegation.. by very reliable sources. you can google all this information and there is only one vendor of the NPV model software net present value model software allowed by the federal reserve in federal banks and lenders.

    there is an alleged massacre of the american homeowner in terms of foreclosure. the bottom line you may want to warn floridians DO NOT ASK FOR ANY KIND of loan mod now or in the future until the fed is ordered to repeal the use of the NPV model.

    best regards

    • i am interested in any additional information….

    • debi p says:

      Thank u for the mod info. In addition to the NPV value flunk test, if u r crazy enough to mod, who knows if its the right loan. On top of that, when u sign off on the mod, u sign away your rights to fight. This was an excellent ploy on their part. It just goes to show how we cannot TRUST the banks at all. Never ever trust that they are “looking out for u”. They have only one goal; to steal your soul and your house and then your dignity and your self esteem. We are mere puppets for the puppeteers and it was designed like that from the beginning. Go back a decade and meet MERS and see what they’ve done with your home! They modified your loan and tore if from the note. They do not own it. They own nothing remember. We have to fight for the last of the wealth that’s left before they have us all on welfare and then they pull that plug! Don’t stop fighting whatever u do and save ur money for the appeals. Let the truth be told and may the righteous truthfulness prevail! Thank u Matt for opening every ones eyes. We have been renting for decades now even when we still have title. Deb. 561.389.9339

    • Cheryl says:

      Loan modifications are nothing but a bank’s trick to put your home into foreclosure. They trick you into defaulting, it’s nothing but a scam.

  • Mike Hansen says:

    I grew up in the Sixties, the last time we had a
    constitutional monetary system. I had socked away 20 silver dollars in June 1968, it was a graduation present from my Irish grandmother.
    She had been saving them for years and had worked very hard for them. A few weeks ago,
    bless her sole, I decided I had held them long
    enough and decided to sell them on E Bay and see what I’d get in Federal Reserve Notes. They
    sold for $620 FRN. I used it to pay off one of my
    credit cards.
    Yes America has been in debt slavery for about forty or more years. Where was the Bar Association when they removed the “will pay to the bearer on demand” off the Federal Reserve Notes and instead , jokingly placed “In God we trust on the reverse of the Note.
    The current FRN’s don’t even qualify as negotiable instruments! How could this have happened? It happened because we were all asleep when we weren’t chasing FRN’s. Now is the time to wake up and bring back a lawful money and banking system!

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