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Americans Have Let Each Other Down, We Have Left Our Neighbors Behind…..May God Have Mercy on us All.

I met with a new client yesterday that infuriated me. That enraged me. That made me boil with anger.   No, the client did not do those things, rather the situation that he represents did.
He is a proud man, an obviously good man. A man who, as he described, has been working his whole life.   He in fact has been with the same current employer for 23 years doing a skilled job.   He’s raising a family four, with a loving wife that stays home to care for the children.   Of course, he came to me because he’s in foreclosure.   Now, first things first, his is a modest home and a modest mortgage….he’s not one of those “bad” borrowers with an outsized mortgage.   He paid his mortgage and his bills his entire life…from the age of 14 in fact. He’s a guy that works hard and is proud to take care of his family.
But this American man is pinched in the vice grip that is gutting the American middle class and with it, ripping out the heart and soul of Amerikca.   His health insurance jacked up.     He was injured on the job and his insurance didn’t cover everything.   His wife got sick so she had doctor bills.   Both of them need medicine….and so do the kids.   The kids need clothes….and all of them need those certain necessities like food and water.
The disgusting thing about his story…is that we now live in a country where a hard working guy….a guy with skills, cannot afford to keep a roof over his family’s head, keep them feed with clothes and with health care.
This is the nation that we have created.
This is a nation that cannot survive.   This nation cannot survive when this good man, this hard working man, this proud man is not able to rise up, pull on his boots and drag his family out of these darkest days.
This man and his family are being preyed upon by forces of darkness that have aligned against him…and in fact have aligned against the entire nation.     These forces conspired to take all of our wages and worse, to take all of our industry and our industriousness from us.   That character that was American…and which in many ways is universal….the character of industriousness has been sapped away for all of us.
How should this man respond if the banks do indeed succeed in throwing him and his family out into the street?   What will he do if the turmoil and trauma put even more pressure on him and his family and they finally break?
To the bank foreclosing, he’s just a delinquent account, but in this office he’s our Brother in Arms that we cannot let down. That we will not let down. And so we will walk with him down this long valley, no matter how long it takes.   We will save his home and we will shore up his family, but what about the rest of Amerika?   What about the millions of other men, women, children that suffer?   Who will care for them?
Will the corporate statists running for president stand up?   Never.
Will Florida’s Attorney General and the other corrupt Attorney Generals push back against the banks? Never.
Will any elected or appointed official finally stand up, take the charge of The People and push back.
I fear the answer is No.
God Help Us All.

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