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AMERICAN WINTER- Watch How The Banks Have Destroyed America. Why Won’t Americans Fight Back?


  • project_wolverine says:

    Mrs Weidner

    I have an idea that the American people could take control of there own destine. In my town we 275.000 residents so let say 200,000 are working adults and if we asked all of them to donate one dollar a week for one year we could pay off one home a week in foreclose 1.00 x 200,000residents = one home a week. lets face it the TBTF banks sold us out the government sold us out but yet people like to donate. Maybe the government could donate some of the money they fined the TBTF banks. That money was to be used to help homeowners. Each town could set up its own account in a small town bank and have a comptroller handle the funds. The intensive for the bank would be after we take care of the foreclosures we start on the homes underwater. The small town bank benefits from refinancing the mortgages to fare market value and the donated funds pay for the deficiencies and the TBTF banks would no longer get paid 80 to 100% from the FHA insurance money. This would create a new real estate market at fair market value and homes could once again be bought and sold with out the homeowner taking a huge loss. If we could arrange to do this in every town people would have more money to spend and it would help rebuild our economy. We could do all of this with our own money a $1.00 a week.

  • project_wolverine says:

    Sorry Mr Weidner.

  • D J says:

    Trying to fight back but cannot find any attorney’s who are willing to fight in California – have all the fraudulent documents

    • project_wolverine says:

      Hey D J

      I to have all of the fraudulent documents and work very hard to build a case but I also found it very hard to find a attorney that knows how to handle foreclosure cases its almost like none of them even want to touch the case if you intend on fighting the TBTF banks. I think the American people are starting to wake up and some times they have to educate an attorney that’s willing to take the case. I’m sure we all wished the we had Mr Matthew Weidner in our town as an attorney. The way I found the attorney I plain on using is I googled foreclosure case law in the county I live in and sure enough I found an attorney that was winning foreclosure cases. I would also research the Judge that will be handling your case. I hope this helps you out.

  • Letty says:

    I can and want to fight tell me how. I want to make my fellow Americans aware. But how?

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