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American Kabuki – Why Are All The Banksters Quitting And Walking Away….?

I won a foreclosure trial this week…after the very nice rob0-perjurer who was on the witness stand actually told the truth enough to show the judge just how much all these foreclosure cases are lies.

There were at least a half dozen other prospective robo perjurers in the courtroom, several had been brought there just to see what they were supposed to do…how they were supposed to answer, “YES!” emphatically leading question and demonstrate personal knowledge that they cannot possibly have.

They all fit the same profile…young, women, indoctrinated.   Just like we are finally going after the robo signers, we’re going to build the cases and go after the robo perjurers…I wonder whether their employers or their law firms have explained perjury and whether they will provide criminal attorneys for them when the charges come?

But enough about that …. while the foot soldiers are down here in court committing perjury, the generals are all jumping the sinking ships…I wonder how many of them have gone off the grid or are planning to go off the grid?




  • Collene Collins says:

    Congratulations! I lost my home of 24 yrs due to an illegal foreclosure! We were not in arrears so they couldn’t send a notice of default. The Bank never sent a Notice of Intent to Foreclose nor did they ever publish the sale date in the newspaper. These actions alone is a Defense because they ignored the MA state Foreclosure Laws. This is only one of hundreds of illegal actions. We hired an attorney and paid almost $40,000 and then the corrupt Judge made a decision not based on the facts of law. The Bank could not produce any evidence that they took the proper steps of that they had legal right to take any actions. We are not in a position like most we had tons of equity in our home since it was purchased in 1986 and we were not in arrears. I have no more money to hire another lawyer and expose this story and the unethical Judge. I need advice on contacting a journalist to do a story on us. Does anybody know how I get “THE FULL FBI PACKET”? I called the local FBI in Boston and they were unaware of such a thing. I know it is supposed to have a media contact form in it. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

  • John Anderson says:

    I think the lowest rats in the ship, are the first to know it’s sinking.

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