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America- Just Who Is Getting Bajillions of Dollars in Mortgage Money

” Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive”

The memo below is a basic and frankly poorly written motion that I first filed many years ago that challenged the most basic element of foreclosure litigation….the fact that we have no idea who is collecting bajillions of dollars in mortgage payments, foreclosure judgments and title to properties all across this country.   The memo is admittedly not well-researched and not well written…it was based more on a hunch and just a nagging sense of trouble in my gut.   But that nagging sense in my gut is coming full circle now as we all realize just what a mess the United States mortgage system is in.

Forget about Robo Signers, we’re all going to learn about phantom mortgages, zombie trusts and an old Italian guy….his name starts with “P”.


And just to drive the point home and make the issues real crystal clear, have a look at the sampling of assignments of mortgage below.   Mind you these are only samples, the troubling component is that they are representative of the much larger problems we face in trying to unravel this mess.   Look carefully at the dates on the assignments.   Compare the names on the assignments, the dates on the assignments, the dates on the notary stamps.   Ask your own questions and draw your own conclusions.




  • petees says:

    Hi Matt,
    Could the Florida Business Corporation Act also be part of a defenses strategy in original creditor debt collection lawsuit? For instance Citibank South Dakota, N.A. is not registered in the State of Florida with the Division of Corporations, but files hundreds of lawsuits in Hillsborough County.

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