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After The Storm- Mortgage Fraud Report–In The Eye Of The Storm

Put down Reckle$$ Endangerment, or Exiles in Eden or whatever novel you’re currently reading about the financial armageddon we’re in and click on Nye Lavalle’s After The Storm Report….it’s a gripping encyclopedia with names, dates and serial numbers that document the collapse we’re all still right in the middle of.   The only problem is the title…the storm at nearly over.   If it seems a little more quiet, that’s just because we’re in the eye of the hurricane

This book is a tome, dense with detail and long on facts.   At some point in time when this entire economy and country are fully collapsed we’re all going to be sitting around wondering why our elected and appointed “leaders” ignored all of the evidence that is painstakingly documented by Lavalle and others.   True, a big part of the explanation is outright corruption…none of those in power, either at the state or national level, are willing to bite the corporate hands that are feeding them quite well, thank you very much.

I’m convinced that the Geitners, Bernakes, Paulsons, Clintons, Bushes and Obamas of the world know that we are too far gone down this perilous road to turn back now. I’m convinced   that the global banking elites sit down with the “leader” du jour and explain that if they push to hard against the machine the entire world will come collapsing down. Rioting in the streets. Looting. Chaos.   And so we keep hobbling along going deeper and deeper into the abyss.   All the while becoming more and more intertwined with the evil that was wrought so long ago.

I picture the incestuous relationship of systematic, pervasive banking fraud and our government not unlike a deeply imbedded glioblastoma….the growth becomes so imbedded, so immeshed so wholly connected that removing it becomes difficult or impossible, a parasite that becomes so connected with the host so as to become one.


It’s far too late to wonder “How did we get here?”   That kind of academic inquiry is wasted time and useless energy. This is all treason and economic terrorism and ultimately subjugation of an entire world of people.   As a Middle Class American (whatever the hell that means anymore) do you really think you’re much better off than more “primitive” people living in central America or Asia or any other less “free” or less “democratized” world….well, time to re-orient your worldview.   The United States is propping up a fiction of economic stability and we have been for some time now.   As a nation, we are exponentially over leveraged and that means each of us individually are dramatically over leveraged.   Whatever your debt picture is, just add several zeros.

It’s with all this very big picture stuff in mind that I start of to fight my day, every single day, shooting at the nuclear powered warships and black helicopters with my trusty bb gun…..all the while wondering, “why are we so outnumbered on this side of the battlefield?”

After the Storm?   Not hardly…..Right in the Eye of It….





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