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ABA JOURNAL REPORTS- Foreclosure Mill Marshall Watson To Be Shut Down!



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The owner of the Fort Lauderdale-based Law Offices of Marshall C. Watson has agreed to plead guilty to offenses found during a Florida Bar investigation in what is believed to be the first disciplinary action taken by the regulatory group against a so-called foreclosure mill.

The consent judgment, which still requires approval by the Florida Supreme Court, would suspend attorney Marshall C. Watson for 91 days _ a move that means the closure of his firm _ and require him to pay $30,000 for a record-keeping analysis, plus $5,931 for the Bar investigation.

All suspensions of 91 days or greater require proof of rehabilitation and approval of the Florida Supreme Court before a lawyer may be reinstated to the practice of law.

Signed in December, the agreement accuses Watson of failing to develop foreclosure policies for firm employees and includes charges that the firm routinely filed court documents alleging a mortgage note was lost without confirming that its clients had in fact lost the note.


The head of one of Florida’s well-known so-called foreclosure mill law firms has agreed to state bar discipline that will require him to close down his law office.

Marshall C. Watson has also agreed to a 91-day suspension, which will require approval by the state supreme court before he can be readmitted to practice, the Palm Beach Post’s Real Time blog reports.

The consent judgment, which must be approved by the state supreme court before it takes effect, says Marshall did not properly supervise his law firm employees and failed “to develop, implement and maintain acceptable policies and operating practices for his firm,” the newspaper reports.




  • Nosurprisehere says:

    Karma is a B I T C H!

  • Thomas says:

    This action is by the State as a violation of the licensure practicing issues. The “Bar” is given the athority to investigate and make such recommendations. No other licensed profession is self regulated in this manner. The “Bar” could have summarily suspended such practices when they were occuring and save the pupil form harm as is their mandate.

    Aside for that the individual licensed attorneys who filed these documents with the court it would seem must be disciplined. They may not deligate their responcibilities to the “boss”.

  • Matt,
    My fiancee has a foreclosure action with Watson that has been going on for 3 years. The mortgage started with Lehman – then Aurora and later was reassigned around the world.
    You said to contact you if it was applicable.
    Or you can contact Sandy at

  • Anthony says:

    We must start a petion not to let this monster practice forclosure or Realestate law or even that matter this monster ruined my life and my business surity bond would not renew on my business due to pending litigation and I was forced to shutu doors. I had gotten a divorce and lost everything. He should be out of business to and everybody should sue this monster from he’ll and his notaries and assoc. The gang of demons let’s get a petion signed around I don’t think he losing 8 or 10 $ k is going to hurt him much. Let’s see who’s running the BAR for such a stupid som of money and 91 days these people need to go as well.

  • Curious says:

    What does this mean for those of us who have a foreclosure action involving Marshall Watson? Mine has been going on for almost three years. One of those semi-infamous robo-signers signed off on the MERS transfer. I would like for the lawsuit to end this decade, hopefully with it being dropped.

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