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A vote for Obama is a vote for……ROMNEY!

Do you really think your vote matters?
Do you think it’s counted?
Depends on whose programming the software….


  • neidermeyer says:

    I didn’t bother watching the drivel ,, this was reported a week ago in SIX (6) RAT STRONGHOLDS where Romney votes on touchscreens changed to OBAMA right before the final “OK” onscreen button push…
    Go move to Cuba or Venezuela … PLEASE!

  • neidermeyer says:

    ALERT-UPDATING: Certified GOP Poll Watchers Turned Away in Florida
    November 6, 2012, 12:52 pm By Arlen Williams Leave a Comment
    Certified Republican poll watchers are being turned away throughout Broward County, Florida. This Facebook post from one such poll watcher, Diane Sori spells it out very well.
    Ok guys you are NOT going to believe this”¦at 5:30am I went to the poll I was assigned to to set-up signs and to start my duties as the poll watcher, which includes checking the tapes to make sure the tabulation machines start at zero. I brought all my documentation with me to prove my certification as poll watcher (my badge and official letter from the SOE certifying me as the poll watcher for said precinct).
    I went to the clerk to sign in and showed her all my credentials at which point she said she did NOT have my name of the poll watchers roll. I said NO way, here’s my letter of certification directly from the SOE, and to please recheck the list and could I please see the list as maybe my name was spelled wrong, to which she replied NO! She then called the SOE office and asked whomever was on the other end what to do since my name was NOT on the list even though I had the official letter stating I was. She then snickered to whomever was on the other end, said I’m NOT on the list and if I do NOT leave the premises IMMEDIATELY that she would call the police to remove me!
    I left and IMMEDIATELY contacted the Republican Command Center in Tampa and our local Republican command forces. And here’s the kicker”¦what happened to me is happening throughout precincts in Broward County (including to our BREC president)”¦the Dems are being let in to poll watch but almost half of the certified Republicans are now “˜suddenly’ NOT on the list!
    So my precinct had NO Republican poll watcher on the premise all morning and early this afternoon. I am going back there now to see what happens when I try again as I just this minute got a call that the lists have now been “˜adjusted’ (voting time is now over half over) so let’s see what happens and if that’s even true.
    Of course official reports have been filed and rest assured when this is over heads will roll.
    This was corroborated by others, commenting below that post:
    JD Curtis I didn’t have the paperwork from the SOE. I lasted an hour and a half. They had a list of poll watchers and i wasn’t on it.
    Whitkeane Musicman Happened to me too!! They said finally that I was supposed to be at a poll almost 3 hours away from here where I was assigned”¦.major BS!!
    Further comments show similar problems in Pennsylvania:
    J.b. Williams
    Funny business in Philly: GOP officials booted, Black Panthers return “” and Obama at polling site?
    A Pennsylvania judge is issuing an order to reinstate Republican election offici”¦See More
    Elizabeth Molitor Rozsa This is also happening in PA-a judge forced the Ds to let the Rs back in to the polling places! I guess this is how they will roll. Hopefully there is a judge there who will do the same thing. Thank you Diane!
    Tom Thomasson Rush L”¦ Same happened in Philly!! Organized Fraud
    Further comments of note:
    Caroline Snyder SHARED!! This has been my fear all along.. we saw it in Britain when CARDBOARD ballot boxes were introduced, pencils were substituted for ballpoint pens.. ballots were changed wholesale as ballot box storage areas were broken into.. multiple voters were created and assigned fictional addresses.. the list could go on and on.
    David Giffen sounds like the counties that this happened in all ballots should be checked and a major investigation started. No wonder Obummer is so confident over this election.
    Aunt Sandy Hernadez Surely there has to be some recourse to all these shenanigans. This is why I have been fearing a victory for the tyrant. Unforturnately you cannot go to the DOJ. I can’t imagine what to do. How can we have polling places without watchers from all sides.

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