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Foreclosure Defense Florida


Many in Florida’s Legislature, and by many I mean primarily extremist members of Florida’s Republican Party, have declared war on Florida consumers.   We must call out those members that have in fact staked out these positions, staked out these beachheads and are using these positions to pound and punish the citizens of the State of Florida.

Make no mistake, when Millionaires, elected and maintained in their elected offices compliments of campaign cash provided to them by the corporations who will benefit from the legislation the elected officials support, we should all be very, very suspicious.   No, not just suspicious, we should be downright critical, hostile and contrary.   I mean, think slowly here:

Are the corporations, Wall Street and banks really giving millions of dollars in their hard taken cash to legislators so that these elected officials will pass laws that benefit consumers….at the detriment of the very corporations who paid for that legislation?

Did you come up with the answer to that riddle?   Good.   So when legislators, any legislators, stand up and tell you that they are spending time, and precious taxpayer resources trying to pass a bill that “helps” consumers, look first at their campaign contributors.   When the contributors are the corporations impacted by the legislation, it shouldn’t take you long at all to find where the legislation hurts the consumer and helps the corporations.

Such is certainly the case with Florida House Bill 87, Florida’s (un)Fair Foreclosure Act.   Now, before we get into the substance of this bill, understand what’s happening in Florida’s Foreclosure Courts even as we speak.   The backlog of foreclosure cases, caused primarily because the banks were caught committing fraud, engaging in the most irresponsible and reckless practices and/or were perpetrating crimes in our courts, is being cleared…with ruthless efficiency.


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