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Americans today are suffering under the most vicious and brutal conditions we have ever experienced. But wait….things are fine, the restaurants are full….what do you mean Americans are suffering?

Well, we’re not yet feeling the real consequences of the suffering that is all around us, lying in wait like a latent virus, just waiting to become active.

The seeds of real suffering have been sown all across this country primarily   by the banks and financial institutions that both gutted our economy, then received billions in bailouts from your money.

The corporations in power have resources and the means to punish anyone who dares to speak out, anyone who dares to talk about what they’ve done and who is warning of the consequences.

Your naive notions of what it means to be an America may lead you to believe you can talk about the wrongs, the evil, the crimes that are being committed all around you, especially by the powerful corporations, but I stand before you as a testament that speech is not free, dissent is being silenced and dissenters are being punished.

I’m not talking about me. I’m talking about other attorneys and bloggers who are being targeted and attacked in very direct, very specific and very frightening ways.

Consumer attorneys, journalists and bloggers are the last line of defense against total tyranny, the last best hope for the freedoms of all Americans.

I want you all to read the following post and consider how in these most dangerous of times suppression of speech impacts you.



  • maggie says:

    Dont give up!

    • DanJS says:


      I’m with Maggie, and we’re with you (as are thousands of others.)

      You are effective, honorable, and have a keen sense of duty.

      America needs brigades of men and women like those who are manning the barricades we now call blogs…. Keep on keeping on!

  • DanJS says:

    Your comment :

    “Consumer attorneys, journalists and bloggers are the last line of defense against total tyranny, the last best hope for the freedoms of all Americans.”

    Your words, unfortunately, will be in one way or another, prophetic.

    We are witnessing a time similar to the times when Thomas Paine, “Poor Richard,” and other forebears of today’s remaining credible and honest investigative journalists, had the courage (and the ability) to effectively communicate truth to fellow American citizens.

    Our forefathers knew what oppression was and longed for the illusive “freedom” they recognized in Holy scriptures.

    As a side note, it may be interesting to understand the Hebraic concept of knowledge. (It was not the accumulation of “facts and figures” but something far more valuable.)

    Ancient Hebrews did not consider a person capable of “knowing” what had not already been previously experienced the one “claiming to have knowledge of a principle or concept.”

    Our founders had that kind of “knowledge,” not just a grasp of history and competing philosophies or religious concepts.

    Today’s Americans do not grasp the understanding of those who signed the Declaration of Independence. They may get the “opportunity” to “experience” a “new” form of educational experience.

    Those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat the consequences of their “ignorance” of history.

    May God be with you all!

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