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Foreclosure Defense Florida

A Most Amazing Change That Swept Across America…starting in Florida

foreclosuresYears ago a dedicated small group of passionately committed public service attorneys got together and began defending homeowners who were in foreclosure.   During those early years, America’s economy was “booming”, most people appeared to be doing well and the people impacted by foreclosure were legal aid clients at the bottom of the economic and social ladder.

In 2007-2010, the universe of homeowners who were impacted by foreclosure expanded exponentially as the entire American economy collapsed.   The clients impacted by foreclosure were no longer just the clients of the dedicated legal aid attorneys, they were middle class Americans all across this country.   These middle class clients began seeking out the advice of private attorneys.   Building upon the foundation laid by legal aid, private attorneys all across this country began directing the kind of high-level legal analysis at foreclosure cases that was usually reserved for tall building lawyers with unlimited legal budgets.

The most extraordinary work that has been done by foreclosure defense attorneys all across this country is all the more extraordinary because it represents the selfless collaboration of attorneys who put the interests of the larger public above their own personal interests.   They worked together, sharing and supporting, standing up for one another and for each other’s clients.   The work done in the area of foreclosure defense represents the very highest values of the practice of law….not the much maligned version of the law, but the true heart and soul of the practice…..professionals who took an oath to serve their clients and protect their communities.   What has been the cumulative impact of all this?   Read below:

The judicial state of Florida, where the housing market is no better, has seen a much greater drop-off in filings over the past year, down 62%. It now has the eighth highest foreclosure rate, of one filing for every 461 households. A year ago, it was in the top four…

How many millions of Floridians were served by the work of these committed attorneys?   How many families stayed together and did not suffer the trauma of forced displacement?   How many children stayed safe in their homes because attorneys stood together and fought for their rights?

Now consider for a moment what would have happened if attorneys failed to answer the call.   If attorneys put the almighty billable hour before the far more important issues like the integrity of our court system or due process.   If attorneys turned away clients because they couldn’t afford the typical up front retainer fees.   If attorneys failed to fight for the rights of the poor and unfortunate.

Read more and consider the full picture….


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