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A Heated Foreclosure Argument- NO Documents in Courtroom!

By April 8, 2015No Comments

This homeowner attorney clearly is a very experienced trial attorney, his problem is he’s applying his obvious decades of trial experience in the context of foreclosure. More than that, we have an appellate court reviews a pooling and servicing agreement.

Give this great homeowner attorney for taking his job most seriously…and fighting so hard.

I also find it terribly significant that the appellate panel is taking time to read, in detail, dense documents in the context of this foreclosure.  This is another example of the heavy judicial lifting that is appellate practice. Keep in mind that these judges hear thousands of cases…put that in context when you hear the detail in their questions.

And then this zinger:

The court: “Something funny going on with the assignment of mortgage”

This oral argument video is on the case: 3DCA11-2722 – Jorge Blanco vs HSBC Bank USA NA

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