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Foreclosure Defense Florida

A Happy Mandelman Post…

We’re in a real mess in this country, but Mandelman has an idea….

I do have one idea”¦ it’s kind of out-there, I realize”¦ what about”¦ no, you’ll think it’s silly”¦ well okay, I’ll say it anyway”¦ promise you won’t laugh?  Well, you could consider modifying loans?  That might”¦ just maybe”¦ slow down the foreclosures that are sweeping the nation’s housing market right into the trash can.  And fewer foreclosures could tend to stop the free fall in housing prices, which would mean fewer people going further underwater, which in turn might cause someone to want to fix something in their house, and won’t Home Depot be happy about that.  And”¦ well”¦ why that could lead to”¦ I don’t know what to call it”¦ prosperity?  See, I knew you’d laugh.

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