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A frightening example of what happens in a non-judicial foreclosure state

See here for a chilling story of abuses in a non judicial state, Georgia.


  • Alina says:


    Even though my home is in Orlando, I live in Houston (employment reasons). Here in Texas the average time for a foreclosure is 21 days. That’s the time from when a foreclosure is initiated to when a house is sold at auction. The lender/creditor/bank does not need to inform the homeowner about the foreclosure. Once the home is sold at auction, a sheriff’s deputy posts a note on your door and you have 3 days to vacate.

    There are many instances in this state where homes have been foreclosed on improperly. The homeowners are unaware of the foreclosure until the sherifff posts the note on their door.

    I am deeply troubled that Florida wants to do the same thing to its citizens. In reponse to Judge Bailey’s testimony last week, the FBA could only state that they were concerned about the banks’ bottom lines and the fact that it foreclosures were too expensive in Florida. There’s an easy solution to this – mediation as mandated by the Florida Supreme Court. It’s a question on whether they want to pay $400 or $1900. Frankly, given that choice, I would choose $400 but that would mean that the banks/lenders/creditors would have to someone with settlement authority at the mediation. If they cannot find someone to verify a complaint, then how in the world will they be able to come up with someone with settlement authority at mediation.

    Bottom line, the banks/creditors/lenders in the State of Florida have no intention whatsoever to negotiate with homeowners or mitigate their own damages. They have bliners on created by the rhetoric that anyone who is unable to pay their mortgage payment is some sort of scumbag deadbeat.

    It will defnitely be a sad day in the State of Florida if and when the nonjudicial foreclosure bill is passed.

  • Obama says:

    Keep an eye for the bastards to would pass this bill. They need to be removed from office by any means neccessary. Take back your country and your state. CONgress and politicians DO NOT give a rat’s ass about you. Take it to the streets BY ANY MEANS NECCESSARY…..

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