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Foreclosure Defense Florida

A Foreclosure Trial Transcript, Evidentiary Objections Made and SUSTAINED, Judgment for Defendant!


I want to share with the class a transcript of a foreclosure trial where defense counsel rattles off the evidentiary objections, many of which were properly sustained by the judge.

Servicers have a very real problem proving their cases over proper and clear evidence objections….they just cannot link up their evidence from one servicer to another without real effort…and in some cases they will not be able to do it.

So this is a roadmap that shows how to do it correctly….bone up folks, work hard.

Fight like every single case represents the very fate and future of the entire American judicial system.

because every case does








  • Nancy Drewe says:

    May I share critical question wondering if anyone every asks

    Why are there 2 allonges?
    Does one represent a closed-end loan of party not named on the Computer Report Display?

    Does one represent foreclosure-loan for same amount in which the Correspondent and REO Asset Manager ‘Beneficairy’ file the Assignment of Mortgage for Successor Beneficiary -settlement – this allonge only processed during early payoff, prepayment, default, for successory beneficiary, settlement of short-sale of REMIC and REO Asset Managers for Servicer owner of reo title

  • Idell Rytuba says:

    I do enjoy the manner in which you have presented this particular situation and it does supply me some fodder for thought. Yet, thank you for this superb point.

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