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A Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Goes To War

law-gavilForeclosure defense lawyers are not the bad guys in this fight.   We have been screaming for years that systemic problems throughout the foreclosure process will have severe consequences in the years to come.   The breakdowns in this process represent real and critical breakdowns in our entire justice system.   The judges in the Sixth Judicial Circuit and the Twelfth Circuit in particular have been attentive to these arguments for some time now.   Unfortunately, the relatively fair practice environment is not found all across the state.

Too many judges believe the most important part of their job is to push through foreclosure cases….at all costs.   As we will all learn in the months and years to follow, “at all costs” is going to add up to one massive bill.   Title claims, fraud claims, due process claims.   Fraudclosuregate is the civil rights movement of our generation because it exposes profound faults within our justice system.   Our justice system has been systematically hijacked by corrupt and out of control business interests with a long established track record of abuse.

Please read the transcript below for some small taste of what happens every day in this war.   This is not just about homes and foreclosure.   More importantly, it’s about our courts and the Constitution….in my mind they are far more important….


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