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A Critical Analysis of The Florida Senate Banking Meeting And The Foreclosure “Reform”…It’s Just Crazy….

And contrary, to representations made at the hearing yesterday, the letter in opposition to the bill written by Henry Trawick applies to many of the issues that are still addressed in the current version of the litigation.

Henry Trawick’s honored opinion and analysis of this bill should not have been so quickly disregarded by the incorrect statement that it did not address issues that are in the current bill….

Read the letter and compare it to the current bill….


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  • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

    Typical. Criminal enterprises morph quickly when exposed to the light of reason, but they keep morphing as long as they are not held to account. It seems that all you have here is the admitted ignorance of the bank-sponsored spokespeople your state house. “We changed one or two words and the Trawick analysis not longer applies?” Nonsense. Nonsense is very dangerous when it is enacted into law.

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