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A Consumer In Foreclosure Threatened With Criminal Prosecution…(and Wall Street Goes Free)

I was recently retained by a homeowner in foreclosure who was threatened by a judge with criminal prosecution because he dared to put on a defense in his foreclosure case.   The transcript of the proceedings is as outrageous as it is terrifying and reveals all that can go wrong for consumers running up against The Law.
It troubles me deeply that the court came down so aggressively on this consumer, but it also troubles me that the consumer fell victim to an online scam artist, peddling lies and fraud…they walked him straight into the Lion’s Den.
And while consumers are being punished, news today out of Washington reveals that the Chief of Enforcement for the SEC, Mary Jo White will not participate in the prosecution of Wall Street Criminals for at least a year…nice, huh?
From Daily Caller:
On Monday, the U.S. Senate confirmed former New York City prosecutor Mary Jo White as the director of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the primary federal regulator of the securities industry. However, the Obama nominee has drawn sharp criticism in some corners for her work in private litigation with the powerful New York law firm Debevoise & Plimpton, where she first worked as an associate in 1976 and where she became partner in 2002 after her tenure as a U.S. attorney.

Before she was confirmed by the Senate, White collecting $42,500 per month in retirement pay from the firm, which represents some of America’s most powerful corporations. The company recently converted that into a lump sum payment to White.

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