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  • George Burns says:

    I suspect that most readers are not lawyers, and even some that are lawyers are learning the nuts and bolts of the issues. As a result, most of your readers have no idea as to what the “technical” flaws are. Circling them would help.

    • L.W. in SC says:

      I agree with George. You should circle the “technical” flaws. I’m reading everything that I can to become educated about these issues. I’m in the beginning stage of discovery as far as my own foreclosure, but want to learn more. Also…how do I go about looking at the mortgage assignments? Are they kept in the public records?

  • That is some collection! Their attention to detail (or lack thereof) is particularly entertaining – 9/09/9999???
    On a more technical note – where is the reference to the intervening assignment which would convey standing to the Assignor?
    Lastly – did it really say Bogus Intervening Assignee??

  • ForeclosureHamlet says:


    All of the documents are assignments of mortgage prepared by DocX. DocX was closed down late spring 2010 after a small group of foreclosure fraud fighters expanded the work started by Lynn Szymoniak, Esq. DocX is a subsidiary of Lender Processing Servicing (LPS). I’ve heard that an estimated 70% of foreclosures are processed by LPS.

    LPS has infiltrated our government in an aggressive and frightening manner. Here is a good example of classic propaganda:

    The first link shows assignments of mortgage with an effective date of 9/9/9999.

    The second link shows assignments of mortgage from defunct financial institutions to “Bogus Assignee”. Other “irregularities” (our government’s favorite descriptor): Often the “effective date is more than a year prior to the date of document execution and the signatures of these DocX employees vary to a suspicious degree.

    There are millions of DocX assignments, affidavits, satisfactions, and other land records filed across America. I believe that none of these documents have any basis in fact.

    Here are some more lessons on DocX and LPS fraud. Note, yesterday in the House Judiciary Committee hearing on foreclosure fraud, BoA & Chase officers denied using DocX for document fabrication but neither clarified that they heavily rely upon LPS or foreclosure mill attorneys to do the same illegal document fraud & then file this trash in our land records and our courts across America.


  • catinflorida says:

    I have an assignment from MERS residing or located at Wells Fargo 3476 Stateview Blvd, Ft Mill, SC to US Bank as trustee for Credit Suisse First Boston residing or located at same address.
    The assignment is signed by infamous robosignor John Kennerty as assistant secretary of MERS. The legal firm handling the case is none other than David Stern’s.
    The lis pendens was filed by US Bank as plaintiff. The problem is that the assignment is dated Feb of 2010 but says: “the said Assignor has hereunto set his hand and seal or caused these presents to be signed by its proper corporate officers and its corporate seal to be hereto affixed this 8th day of February 2010, but effective as of the 8th day of August, 2009.”
    My question is: can they back date the assignment like that legally? It looks like Wells assigned the note to US Bank 6 months after US Bank initiated the lawsuit. Am I correct in this assumption?

  • Shawn Morock says:

    I really like your wordpress template, exactly where do you get a hold of it through?

  • ldelde says:

    I have a Corporation Assignment of Deed of Trust executed by “the Trust” assigning the Deed of Trust to “the Trust.” The trust cannot assign the Deed of Trust to themselves…correct? This has to be considered a bogus assignment. This being the case, if the Trust executed the Substitution of Trustee to initiate the foreclosure (Cali) then that SOT document is tainted and would have to be void as well…correct?

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