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A Clear Chart on The National Debt Argument

Americas-DeficitI despise what the parties and the elected oligarchs have turned this country into. The deck is stacked against the middle class, tilted for the wealthy few.

This chart helps to spell out where the fault lies:

New York Times

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  • John Anderson says:

    This is a case of our elected leaders making much fuss about arranging deck chairs on the Titanic, without acknowledging the fact that regardless of how they arrange the chairs, or how many chairs they throw overboard the ship is going down!

    Biggest hole in the hull, is the FED. Who’s cry to man the pumps ” with another debt ceiling increase” will not work as the money is given to these mostly foreign international banksters, whose anchor and power is the FED.

    It makes me angry to watch rating agencies such as Moody’s and Standards and Poors who are “owned” by Wall St/Banks, who are under investigation by the fifty state AGs, pretending to look for fraud, now threaten to downgrade the USAs credit rating “like there opinion should mean anything”, when they too should be charged with fraud, and regulated in the future.

    Instead of doing the things that would help “hand out life jackets, and lower the life rafts full of the most vulnerable, kill the FED ie plug the hole” they continue to keep the American peoples attention on the deck chair placement debate.

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