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A Brilliant Foreclosure Dismissal By Foreclosure Fraud Fighter Jon Coats

Jon Coats is a Pinellas County attorney and a dedicated friend in the Foreclosure Fraud Fight.   In Pinellas County, we’re blessed with a very active, well-researched and supported foreclosure defense bar.   The challenge for consumers looking for powerful advocacy in this area isn’t finding a good attorney, it’s deciding which of the many good attorneys to choose from.

A big part of the reason we see good decisions out of the courts in this Circuit is the defense attorneys who are making these arguments invest hours and hours and hours of time and money into the research necessary to properly prepare a case.

Coats’ work is an example of this preparation. As a foreclosure defense attorney, you don’t just slap something together…you nail all your facts down tight.   You have the research on every single possible case that may come up or be useful in hearing and you prepare, prepare, prepare for these hearings.   All of this shows respect for the court, for the judge, for the judicial assistant.

The good attorneys in this area have been doing all this for many months now.   As a result of this research, preparation and effort, we are not just helping our clients, we’re helping our judges understand and see what’s happening in front of them….that’s our job as dedicated and committed members of this bar.

Read Jon’s Order carefully and use it as a model for your Orders…..congratulations Jon!

The Order is here and his website is here.

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