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A Brave And Thoughtful Response – Chip Parker Stands Up to Foreclosure Tyranny

foreclosure-flawsI first met Chip Parker long ago when he stepped up and contributed his time and donated money to help consumers across the state of Florida battle the complete take over of our courts when the bankers tried to ram through their Non Judicial Foreclosure Bill.   Thanks in part to his efforts, the rights of Floridians to have their foreclosure case heard by an impartial judge was at least theoretically protected.

I say theoretically protected because the general consensus from attorneys around the state is that foreclosure court is a justice system stacked against the homeowner.   I recognize the struggle of our courts but I reject the notion that they can simply stand aside and let our judicial system become so corrupted and abused by powerful, arrogant and unrepentant banks and their complicit foreclosure mill law firms.

I applaud Chip for sticking his head up here with this very public criticism of our justice system gone mad.   I hope the Florida Bar and our judges know and appreciate the honorable and ethical fight foreclosure warriors like Parker are in–I know that members of the general public do….those members of the general public whose interests are served when good lawyers like Chip stand up and fight not just for his clients, but for every single citizen in the State of Florida…and fact every single citizen in the United States.   The fact of the matter is that the issues exposed in this foreclosure war impact every person in this country.

You retirees who think your retirement dollars are safe and sound…..think again.   You 4o1k’ers that think your money is there….WAKE UP!   Given the scale of fraud and complete breakdown of regulation in the mortgage and foreclosure markets how in God’s name can you possibly believe anything coming out of Wall Street is true?   It’s not…..and if they could pull it off with publicly recorded mortgages and (mostly) open courtrooms that are (theoretically) supervised by judges, just what do you think the Wall Street Wizards have already gotten way with in your private investment accounts?

The fact of the matter is it’s too late to stop all of this.   Too many people looked away and refused to speak up for too long.   Even today, hundreds of thousands of homeowners have just laid down and refused to utter even a whimper of protest.   Our jobs are gone…sold overseas.   Our technology is gone…sold overseas.   Our dollars are gone….sold overseas.   Our Congress is still there, but it too was sold out long ago…to the banks that are RECORDING OBSCENE PROFITS YET AGAIN. (Read here to get details and get really angry.)

I’m disappointed and frustrated that more “real” people, more consumers are not sticking their necks out and standing up for one another….standing up to save this country….but I’m proud that there are lawyers out there like Chip Parker who are willing to step up and speak out….FOR ALL   OF US….


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