Huckabee Bar Complaint Becomes a Political Weapon

It’s a crazy world we live in when national political figures launch attacks on Florida lawyers…

When Floridian attorney Daniel Uhlfelder pointed out a connection that Trump associate Michael Huckabee has with Russian assets Les Parnov, he likely didn’t expect that the national political figure would head to the Florida Bar with a complaint. Expected or not, though, when Uhlfelder pointed out that Republican hit man Huckabee has been seen hanging out with Russian influence agents, that’s exactly what Huckabee did.

This isn’t the first time that Huckabee has gone head to head with Floridians, though. Huckabee is behind a gross attack on the rights of normal Floridians to use their beaches.  The backstory on Huckabee’s attack on the centuries-old rights of citizens to use OUR beaches only begins to scratch the surface on the elitist attitude and contempt for real people held by Huckabee…but he doesn’t like anyone saying that.  So what does he do when someone like Uhlfelder speaks up? He files a complaint against the Florida lawyer who is calling him out on all this…..

The Huckabee Bar Complaint with the Florida Bar

You can read the full Florida bar complaint here:

Click to Read the full Huckabee Bar Complaint related article here:

And if you’re interested in reading his response…

It really is scary to read the kind of world that we live in.


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