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99 Homes- Banks Breaking Into Homes – It’s Not Just A Movie

99 Homes – It’s Real Life Terror

As many of you know, The Banks are hiring private contractors to break into homes all across this country.  In some cases the homes are actually 99 homesabandoned, but in far too many cases, the homes are not abandoned at all, but they’re being broken into, consumers are being terrorized and their personal property is being stolen.

The banking industry and their property preservation contractors are out of control!

The worst part about this problem is the government is letting them get away with it.  At the state level and at the federal level, the banks live by their own set of rules, and they suffer no consequences when things go wrong.

But that’s going to change. I’ve got several break in cases pending and I’m going to bring those cases before juries. I’m going to let the people in communities decide whether banks have the right to break into homes and terrorize people….what do you think?

Take a look at the following clip from 99 Homes, the movie…

Yes it’s a movie, but the facts are all too real:

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