Palin and Bachman or Bachman/Palin, who cares which way it goes, just think of it…these two ladies erecting drilling platforms all across America….Oil as far as the eyes burning from acrid stench can see.   Palin famously said, DRILL BABY DRILL! And now the newest ReThuglican femme fatal to crack the national scene apparently picks up right where the other left off.   (Now the question I will keep repeating over and over and over again is why our nation refuses to devote any energy or attention to renewable energy sources…..)

St. Paul, Minn. “” During a four day presidential campaign tour through Florida, Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann told a crowd that she’d be open to oil and gas drilling in the Everglades, a vast and ecologically diverse stretch of wetlands and swamps that includes parts of the nation’s park system.

“The United States needs to be less dependent on foreign sources of energy and more dependent upon American resourcefulness,” she said. “Whether that is in the Everglades, or whether that is in the eastern Gulf region, or whether that’s in North Dakota, we need to go where the energy is.”

Bachman Says Let’s Drill!


  • Concerned reader says:

    Bachmann says she’d consider Everglades drilling…why not put an oil rig on her family farm, another on her front lawn, and one more up her…

  • Mike Hansen says:

    Since the US has a 200 year supply of natural gas, the Pickens
    Plan to convert all big rig trucks from diesel to natural gas is the
    way to go. It would reduce oil imports from the Mid East down to almost nothing since big rigs use up 1/3 of oil, the amount we import from Saudi. The rest we get from Canada, Mexico and other friendly countries. Of Course, these figures are just rough estimates and no one can exactly predict the future, but the point
    is we already have the energy sources in the USA and we really don’t need to increase offshore drilling or in environmentally sensitive regions.

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