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Foreclosure Defense Florida

7:00 – 9:00 am THIS MORNING- Call into Fox Channel 13!

Foreclosure Defense and Consumer Rights Attorney Matthew Weidner will participate in the Tampa Bay Fox News Channel 13 News Program “Ask a Lawyer” on Thursday, July 1, 2010 from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Weidner, whose practice is dedicated to serving consumers and homeowners has been a vocal critic of the unfair and deceptive tactics employed by the law firms and banks that are working feverishly to take the homes of families all across the Tampa Bay region is encouraging consumers to call in with questions about foreclosure in particular.
The program, which features consumer lawyer Eric Seidel and members of the Hillsborough County Bar Association accepts live call in questions at (813)875-8255 or (800)826-4434.
Consumers, advocates and attorneys from across the country are encouraged to call in and ask questions about foreclosure in particular and get real world, practical advice from a team of experienced attorneys.   Suggested topics to question include:
1) Why foreclosure mills are not following the rules of the Florida Supreme Court?
2)   Why the Law Offices of David Stern has been permitted to spin off his law practice into a non-lawyer corporation traded on the NASDAQ with the express purpose of selling the corporation to an unidentified Chinese corporation?
3) What will it take to make foreclosure mediations successful?
4) Why have the mortgage modification programs not been successful?
5) What will it take to solve the mortgage foreclosure crisis?
6) What is the Florida Consumer Attorney Network?
7) What can consumers who cannot afford to hire an attorney do to protect themselves?

Please let the station know that these topics are important by calling in with your questions.   If news outlets receive positive response to forums like this, more will be held and we will have a much greater audience to spread our message that the foreclosure crisis will only be addressed when elected circuit court judges demand an end to the fraudulent, unfair and deceptive practices of the banks and their attorneys.


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