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$60 Million in Aid To Be Distributed To Florida Homeowners As Part of Fraudclosure Settlement! (Ask Me How This Impacts You!)

foreclosure-settlementFrom The Florida Current:

A legislative budget panel will meet next week to parcel out $60 million to aid troubled homeowners as part of an agreement between Attorney General Pam Bondi and legislative leaders over how to spend some of a foreclosure fraud settlement with five large banks.

The agenda for next week’s meeting of the Joint Legislative Budget Commission was released Thursday, providing the first breakdown of how the $60 million will be spent. Most of the money, $45 million, will go to the Florida Housing Finance Corp. to help with down payment assistance and housing counseling for eligible homeowners. Bondi’s office will receive $5 million in legal fees, another $5 million will go to the State Courts System to help pay for foreclosure cases, and the remaining $5 million will go to legal aid services throughout the state that counsel foreclosure defendants.


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