Foreclosure Defense Florida

5 Foreclosure Facts

1.   You Must Hire a Foreclosure Defense Attorney– When you are served with foreclosure, you will be solicited by all manner of people promising help…in Florida most of these solicitations are illegal (see the Florida Foreclosure Rescue Fraud Prevention Act Here)…only an attorney licensed in Florida can help you!

2. You Must Act Quickly After You Receive a Notice of Foreclosure- Most foreclosure lawsuits require you to hire an attorney and file a response within 20 days after being served.   If you fail to respond within that period you may lose all your rights.

3. A Homeowner in Foreclosure Has Many Rights- Not so long ago judges granted foreclosure to lenders without much thought or consideration.   Things have changed dramatically recently so that borrowers have many rights that judges are recognizing.   An attorney who is experienced in this area of the law can help ensure your rights are protected.

4. Mortgage Modification Alone Will Not Stop Your Foreclosure- Many homeowners are lulled into a false sense of security when they obtain a modification of their mortgage or the lender appears to be working with them.   The problem is lenders are often not communicating with the attorneys who are working to take your home.   Don’t trust the lenders or their attorneys– make sure you have your own attorney to protect you!

5. The Government is Not Doing Enough to Help Homeowners- Despite the fact that your federal government (using your tax dollars) is providing the lenders that caused all these problems billions of dollars, they are not providing forceful requirements that these lenders do enough to help the homeowners who are trapped in foreclosure.

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