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48% of Americans Believe The Economy Will Lead to Violence…..


Count me in that 48%, and I think the other 58% of Americans are just aren’t smart enough to get it or pay attention.   This is not just whacked out internet conspiracy sites….this comes from CNN….

Did the concentration of wealth among the aristocracy trigger violence during the French Revolution, Jack? How about the Russian Revolution or Germany in the 1930’s? So yes, if it gets to the point where average working Americans feel totally hopeless and can’t feed their families, it could lead to violence. It happened more than people know during the “Great Depression”.



  • Cheryl says:

    Sad that the so called “conspiracy” sites have been more accurate and truthful then the paid for major media propagandists.

  • marilyn lane says:

    I remember when one lone gunman Son of Sam
    paralyzed all of New York City, Brooklyn and Long Island.

    What will happen when gangs of hungry kids with their guns go thru the streets looking for food and money?

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