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2013, the Year We All Learn The Terrifying Magnitude of " Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste"

2012 has been relatively nifty”¦. Hasn’t it?   Comparatively speaking, our world runs the spectrum from not all that bad to, pretty darn good.   Official unemployment numbers are down and in some areas incomes are up.   In many areas, including Florida, the official numbers show real estate prices and volumes are increasing.
But look at the other huge, laughing gorilla dancing all around the middle of the ballroom.   The world’s economy is a criminal conspiracy.   Not capitalism or communism, fascism or socialism, but a criminal conspiracy.   And this conspiracy has no discernible national identity, it crosses all borders and all political parties.   Two key examples of this multinational conspiracy are LIBOR and HSBC as revealed in the 2012 headlines:
Barclays Conspires With Other Banks to Manipulate LIBOR
And the best example
HSBC Launders Money for Drug Cartels and Terrorist States
Now, when no less an authority than the United States Department of Justice builds an extraordinary case that shows one of the world’s largest banks laundering money on a scale that would make Tony Montana quiver and they are permitted to walk away with little more than a good stern talking to, what more proof do you need to understand just how deep the conspiracy goes?   Keep in mind that one of the sticky side effects of the HSBC/Department of Justice/Mexican Drug Cartel laundering operation are all the weapons that the dirty money buys”¦.and all the slaughtered bodies of the innocent people that get in the way. And yet, the Department of Justice came right out and said it”¦..
We can’t prosecute HSBC, they’re our partners in crime, and the risks to the world financial markets are too significant.   That folks is a green light and explicit permission to keep the international crime spree spinning. If there will be no consequence for a cross-border, institutionalized crime spree of such magnitude is there any doubt but that such sanctioned behavior will continue?
And then consider the Barclays LIBOR scandal.   Remember LIBOR? Barclays Bank, conspired with other international banks around the globe to fabricate the rates, a scheme that cost you and I billions.   For a little primer, see from Wiki:

In court documents filed in Singapore, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) trader Tan Chi Min told colleagues that his bank could move global interest rates and that the Libor fixing process in London had become a cartel. Tan in his court affidavit stated that the Royal Bank of Scotland knew of the Libor rates manipulation and that it supported such actions. In instant messages, traders at RBS extensively discussed manipulating Libor rates. In a released transcript of a 21 August 2007 chat, Jezri Mohideen, who was the head of yen products in Singapore, asked to have the Libor fixed in a conversation with other traders:[60]
Mohideen: ” What’s the call on the Libor?”
Trader 2: ” Where would you like it, Libor that is?”
Trader 3: ” Mixed feelings, but mostly I’d like it all lower so the world starts to make a little sense.”
Trader 4: ” The whole HF [hedge fund] world will be kissing you instead of calling me if Libor move lower.”
Trader 2: ” OK, I will move the curve down 1 basis point, maybe more if I can.”
In another conversation on 27 March 2008, Tan asked that RBS raise its Libor submission and noted that an earlier lower figure that the bank had submitted had cost his team 200,000 pounds. In other released instant chats, Tan made it clear that the Libor fixing process had become a highly lucrative money making cartel. Tan in a conversation with traders at other banks, including Deutsche Bank’s Mark Wong said on 19 August 2007:[60]
Tan: ” It’s just amazing how Libor fixing can make you that much money or lose if opposite. It’s a cartel now in London.”
Wong: ” Must be damn difficult to trade man, especially [if] you [are] not in the loop.”



And so, with crimes and fraud and conspiracies of such magnitude sucking trillions of dollars into their vortex all across the world, with no real penalty for the conspirators, is there any doubt but that such crime sprees will continue?   And when you deconstruct these crime sprees and the resulting government investigations that   painstakingly detail the crimes yet let the criminals walk free can there be no conclusion but that the governments are co-conspirators?
When you consider all of this”¦and when you consider that these little stories are just the tip of the disclosed iceberg”¦.these stories are just the known and published crimes.   And given the magnitude can there be any doubt but that there are much bigger crimes and conspiracies lurking at many other intersections of our world’s governments and financial markets?   Of course not”¦.there’s more”¦.so much more, so many scandals, so much fraud, so much abuse of trust and power and money.    The HSBC and LIBOR scandals are just so important because the world governments came right out and admitted the scale of the crimes, then explicitly asserted that they could not punish the criminal enterprises because they feared the fallout.
The truth of the matter is that if any real percentage of America ever got close to comprehending just one tiny bit of how bad and interconnected all these crime cabals really were, it would certainly be a challenge to social, political, economic order.   What happens when people finally wake up and realize that foreclosures are largely the banks working in collusion with the federal government and offshore interests to facilitate the transfer of the homes and wealth of all of America to foreign and government interests?   But in fact this is exactly what is occurring.   Right in front of our eyes. And right inside courtrooms of locally elected judges that swore an oath to protect not foreign interests and shadowy quasi government entities that are violating the terms and spirit of our system of laws and that are working directly against the interests of America and her people”¦they swore an oath to uphold the Constitution and The People.
But back to the title”¦the teaser”¦ the point of all this.   Where will 2013 take us?   Well, pay attention to Neil Barofsky’s insight on The Young Turks from a few days ago”¦.

Obama will not take action against the banks unless there’s another financial crisis.

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