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2013 is NOT The Year Wall Street Took Over Florida’s Court System!

Earlier in the week, my colleague and North Florida’s Best Foreclosure Defense Attorney, Chip Parker wrote a post entitled,


2013, The Year Wall Street Completes Its Purchase Of Florida’s Court System

Believe me, I understand perfectly the sentiment in Chip’s post.   I find it infuriatingly disturbing, and so blatantly a slap in the face of notions of justice, the mere potential that


Let me speak very plainly here.   Attorney Generals from 49 states and the federal government made a deal with 5 devils, the 5 biggest banks which had them handing back a few percentage points of their ill-gotten loot to the people they took the money from…you and I the American taxpayer.   Many states are using that money to plug budget holes, which is to say their legislators will spend that money on pet projects and reward those corporations and lobbyists that fund their campaigns.   Surely the banks that paid that money will figure a way to directly or indirectly get much of the money back by lobbying for contracts and additional programs.   That’s just the way our corporately-funded government operates today.

In Florida, the return on the banksters money is far more direct.   At the one year anniversary of the signing of the deal between the devils, Florida began announcing that the fines would be used to:

“Help Speed Foreclosures Through Florida’s Court System!”

And then immediately, the reporting begins that the banksters are indeed speeding fraudclosures through the court system in ways that are potentially a far greater desecration of our faded notions of justice and the rule of law than the Rocket Dockets that brought an infamous lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union that was just dismissed and shut down immediately after it took it’s first baby breaths of life. The headline from Daily Business Review:

Defense attorneys say judges wrongly allow ‘robo-witnesses’

Robo-signers, who broke court rules by signing foreclosure affidavits without personal knowledge of loans for banks, may have faded from the scene. But homeowners now are dealing with a similar lender’s representative who they claim infringes on their right to due process.

South Florida foreclosure defense attorneys object to the breadth of records introduced in foreclosure trials by business custodians of record, dubbing them ” robo-witnesses.”



Now, the headline and the facts asserted are certainly disturbing.   And unfortunately, I can only assume that the facts, as reported in the story, are true.   But I will say that I have not seen such things, and I do not expect to see such things, because I work primarily in Florida’s Sixth, Twelfth and Thirteenth Judicial Circuits…that area that encompasses Tampa, Sarasota and Florida’s Central West Coast.

Come to the courtrooms in this area of our state, and you will see bank attorneys, homeowner attorneys and judges all working together to:


Yes, that’s what happens in the courtrooms in this area of the state.   I’ve said that before, in fact I’ve said that almost consistently from the beginning of Florida’s Foreclosure Wars…if you want to see the finest and best aspects of our nation’s court system as it’s played out in fraudclosure, come see your courts and our judges at work in this area of the state, here’s what you see:

Fairness, Equity, Professionalism, The Rule of Law

An entire court system, an entire region, that the citizens of this state can be very proud of.   Now, I also know that a big reason for these characteristics is because we have a corps of fine, hardworking and dedicated Consumer Justice Attorneys who passionately fulfill their sacred roles as defenders of the highest and best aspects of our notions of justice.   We work together.   Defense attorneys work together, Defense attorneys work with Plaintiff attorneys, and we all work cooperatively in front of the courts to fulfill ethical obligations to the clients we serve, keeping in mind a directive that sits on most judge’s benches for all attorneys to read….

Professionalism, Dignity and Civility At All Times….Nothing Less Will Be Tolerated.

Now, I’m glad that money from the bank settlement agreements is being used to fund the court system that has been so overwhelmed by this fraudclosure crisis. I’m glad to know that our judges and their staff will get some much needed assistance. I also have full confidence that the judges, the defense attorneys, the plaintiffs attorneys and the court staff in this area of the state will work together to see the new funding will do what it is intended to do…..


But with all due respect to the consumers and citizens out there who do not understand the complex rules of court and procedures that apply, I want you to understand something.   Our courts cannot grant you the relief you seek if you do not follow the complex and constantly changing rules that we must all insist be followed.   We must understand and insist that courts apply the rules evenly and fairly and that means holding both sides accountable to the same rules of procedure, evidence and decorum.

And so Chip and every other warrior for the cause of Consumer Justice out there….put your boots on, and let’s get ready to make this a fair, a full and an honest fight.   Let’s use the rules and our courts to fight for Consumer Justice. Let us use this moment to protect, to build up and to promote our courts.   Working together, we can ensure that foreclosures are indeed processed efficiently, with equal attention being paid to dismissing cases which are not properly before the court and granting foreclosure judgments for which there are no proper legal objections.

Working together, we make 2013 the year Consumer Justice shines in Florida’s Court System!


  • richard rendina says:

    Unfortunately, Mr. Weidner does not practice in Palm Beach Circuit Courts. The judges in this circuit simply disregard the established law and “side with” the bankster-gangsters on all issues, since their campaigns are funded indirectly by the banks and their lobbyists AND have investments in the banks that appear before them! We need a second revolution beginning with removing all these corrupt judges from the bench.

  • Rick Baker says:

    Love the optimism but the State Court experience you describe is not the way it is in Orlando, sad to say. I file APs in Ch 13s to fight these bums…I see no chance for justice in State Courts of Florida.

  • Jeff Redwein says:

    with your concluding comments, Mr. Weidner, you expose yourself as a friend of this system which has fraudulently foreclosed millions…with friends like you, foreclosure victims would appear not to need enemies

  • cocodo says:

    It is so despicable that these Judges are getting away with ignoring the Facts of Law and disregarding their oath. My family is a victim of FRAUDCLOSURE and we are different from alot of others. We were not in arrears and we had no knowledge because the bank ignored the MA state laws and never sent a NOD (because we weren’t in default) no Notice of Foreclosure, nor was it published in the newspaper. It was bought with an INVALID CREDIT BID. This is just a portion of all the FRAUD, We had preponderance of proof & evidence. The bank did not & could not prove anything yet the Judge sided with them. We paid almost $35,000 to a lawyer who was a wolf dressed in sheeps clothing. All while our son a Combat Veteran was fighting for our country. I feel like we were given a life sentence just not to be served in jail. I am disabled and have Multiple Sclerosis which has progressed so rapidly due to the stress. When & how will Justice be done?

  • Steven Lee says:

    Don’t beleive what Mr. Weidner is stating in this area, he’s part of the B.A.R. which many attorneys have no idea what that means or that part of the oath they took. As much as I have a lot of respect for Mr. Weidner it’s sad to say he’s part of the problem as well, he has blinders on and doesn’t see the truth, the facts. That is NO JUDGE or COURT should be allowing any home be taken from the people. The Land is protected in Treaties, the banks never borrowed you ONE PENNY, they used the SIGNATURE on the PROMISSORY NOTE which they deposited and got paid, that’s right the note acted like a check, you funded your own loan with your own signature and the greedy bankesters turned it around on you and made it look like they borrowed you money. Also, these Judges took up an oath and everyone of them are in violation of that oath with every house they are letting the banks steal from the American people or right here in are own state. The Judges and these attorneys are a party to the crime. People wake up. Justice is not being protected and being severed in any court in Florida when these courts are operating under Admirable Law and monitored by Britian… No JUDGE or Attorney can legally prosecute a sovereign person, the living, breathing yopu and me…. this is why they have your name in ALL CAPS, they are bring in what is known as the strawman… check out H.J.R. 192…bottom line it’s we the people that are getting screwed and your local Sheriff can stop this Fraud but they too seem to be part of the crime taking place right here on the west coast of Florida

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