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100 Feds on The Bankster Case- This is Why It’s All Theater….

naked-capitalismFrom Matt Stoller at Nekkied Capital:

So that’s a total of 55 people, 10 of whom are FBI agents.  Let’s do a few comparisons.  During the Savings and Loan crisis, Bill Black reminds us that there were about a thousand FBI agents working on the various cases.  That’s one hundred times the number of people working on a scandal that is about forty times larger and far more complex.

To put it another way, let’s say that this scandal cost the American public $5-7 trillion in lost home equity.  That’s about $100 billion of lost home equity per person assigned to this task force.  If someone stole $100 billion a corporation, like say, if somehow Apple’s entire cash hoard which is roughly that amount, suddenly disappeared, I’m guessing that the FBI would assign more than one person to the case.

Another comparison might be Enron, which had 100 FBI agents assigned to the case.




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