Are your financial, business and personal affairs in order?
This is an important question that deserves an honest answer. Especially since the estate you have established over the years can be at risk of never reaching your loved ones if consumed by matters of probate court. All that can be avoided by getting the proper legal advice and setting your matters in order right now with a probate attorney.
Our law firm provides guidance in preparing Will and Trust Documents, Powers of Attorney and advance directives for health care and other important matters. These documents must be prepared properly to withstand attacks from outsiders or others that may interfere with carrying out your instructions in situations involving representatives or trustees, incapacity or death. Even simple matters, like appointment of an agent by using a Power of Attorney document can make routine day to day matters so much easier and convenient. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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    How Do I Get a Trustee Removed From a Trust?
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    Living Will Attorney Near Me
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    Contesting a Trust in Florida: Advice From a St Petersburg Top Real Estate Attorney
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    Why a Revocable Trust Doesn't Avoid Probate in Florida
    In Florida many people recommend a revocable trust as a means of avoiding probate. The truth is though, that...


Weidner Law provides legal advice and representation to municipalities for successful code enforcement practices. The law firm has had success in assisting communities move dilapidated properties back into productive real estate inventory to reduce and eliminate blight and recover millions of dollars in unpaid code enforcement liens. Instead of allowing liens remaining dormant until someone comes forward to claim an interest in vacant properties, Weidner Law assists code enforcement professionals to proactively plan and drive programs intended to revive investor interest. Successful code enforcement can drive community development.
Take a look at our video series on Code Enforcement Concepts.

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    County Foreclosure Auctions- A "Secret" Source of Incredibly Valuable Real Estate Oppotunties!
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      The Key To Quickly Resolving an Outstanding Code Enforcement Lien? STOP TALKING! (About the underlying case that is.) One of...
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    Attention Real Estate Investors: Hillsborough County July 2018 Vacant Land Auctions!
    Vacant Land Auctions: Hillsborough County 2018 If you're investing in Florida real estate, you know that prices are exploding in...
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    Concepts In Code Enforcement: Code Liens Are NOT SUPERIOR: Ober v. Town of Lauderdale
    Florida's Foreclosure Crisis Created a Vast Body of New Law...And Much of It Isn't Good (for municipalities, citizens....anyone....except the banks) One...
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    An Appeals Court Oral Argument Discussing Code Enforcement Cases!
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    Foreclosing on Code Enforcement Liens is ACTIVE Economic Development!
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    Code Lien Clearing : Live Meeting About Turning Vacant Lots Into Thriving Neighborhoods!
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  • Gentrification
    Gentrification: Turning Vacant Lots Into Housing Is a Solution!
    The effects of gentrification - the movement of higher-income homeowners into low-moderate income neighborhoods - are not yet well...

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