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Foreclosure Defense

One of the most experienced firms in Florida foreclosure law, Matt Weidner Law is here to serve no matter what stage in the process you find yourself!

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Debt Relief and Bankruptcy Legal Defense

Whether navigating tax debts, filing bankruptcy, or fighting harassing debt collectors, we provide the professional support and experience you need to find justice!

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Estate Planning and Probate Legal Support

Ensuring all crucial documents and wishes are properly established for family transitions is challenging and deeply personal. Trust an experienced team that has your family’s best interest as the objective for probate and estate planning.

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Florida Public Records and Citizen Advocacy

Passionate, Dedicated and Diligent. This is Matt Weidner Law’s mission in serving and defending Florida’s public well being and justice.

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We Work Around the Clock to Meet Your Legal Needs

We Work Around the Clock to Meet Your Legal Needs

At WeidnerLaw, our team of consumer defense attorneys is proud to serve clients in St. Petersburg, Tampa and other parts of Florida. If you’re looking for a consumer defense lawyer in Tampa or you need legal advice fast, our dedicated team is standing by.

Our law firm leaves no stone unturned. Whether you need relief from foreclosure or harassing collection calls or you need to draw up a will, contact us. WeidnerLAW knows how to fight…and we’ll fight hard for you. Our practice was built on successful fights against the biggest companies and individuals around. Matt Weidner has successfully sued the Cabinet of Florida and Governor Rick Scott and takes special pride in fighting the biggest David v. Goliath battles. We simply don’t back down when the opponent is tough.

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Florida’s foreclosure rate is higher than the national average. Across the country, one in every 1,205 homes was facing foreclosure filings in 2015. In Florida, that rate was one in 596.

For many homeowners, foreclosure is one of the most frightening and intimidating legal processes. Your home is probably your largest investment, and it can be devastating to be told your investment might get taken away.

The good news is there are legal defenses to foreclosure in many cases. You don’t have to just walk away from your home. You may have the option of challenging the foreclosure or modifying the loan. In both cases, you may be able to avoid the credit damage and long-term consequences of simply accepting foreclosure. To find out about foreclosure defenses, contact the legal team at WeidnerLaw for a consultation.

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Bankruptcy and Debt Relief

Finding relief to your debt situation can be an incredibly difficult, trying and life-changing time for you and your family. Navigating the ins and outs of bankruptcy and all the logistics and laws surrounding the matter can be overwhelming, especially in a time of already high stress.

If you are facing stress over bills, you may also have the option of filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Both can give you a fresh start and can help you protect some of your most important assets. Or perhaps you are looking for another solution to help restore your financial health.

If you are interested in consulting with a bankruptcy and debt relief professional to help you navigate this frustrating and scary time, contact WeidnerLaw for a free consultation. Our law firm acts as a consumer defense firm for hard-working Florida residents just like you. We’d be happy to look at your legal options with you, and consider the most responsible and reasonable way of handling your debt or bankruptcy claims- and protect you from the big banks and debt collectors.

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Probate and Estate Planning

About 55% of adults across this country don’t have a legal will or a legal plan in place for the eventuality of a serious illness or fatality. Unfortunately, this can be a costly and painful mistake. Wills ensure your property is distributed to your heirs according to your wishes. Without it, your family may face probate court for months or even more than a year. Powers of Attorneys and Trusts can help you control who makes decisions if you’re incapacitated, and they can help you protect your assets now.

Estate planning is an important process, and if you need assistance with this area of law, do not hesitate to contact WeidnerLaw for a consultation.

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Public Records and Citizen Government Advocacy

When the government abuses its position of trust, citizens have every right to hold their elected representatives accountable. Elected government officials often make all kinds of promises at election time. When they abuse their positions, it’s time to act.

Matt Weidner of WeidnerLaw has been involved in groundbreaking cases involving elected officials. Most recently, he successfully sued the Florida Cabinet and Florida Governor Rick Scott for violating Florida’s open meeting law and secretly maneuvering to remove an official from office. WeidnerLAW has long championed on behalf of citizens. If you would like to arrange a consultation, contact us today.

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Consumer Justice

Third party debt collectors in Florida contact customers to encourage them to pay outstanding bills. These professionals are supposed to abide by the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act (CCPA) and by federal rules meant to prevent abusive and harassing collection actions. Unfortunately, not all debt collection agencies follow these rules. When they don’t, you may seek legal action.

If you’d like to stop those harassing debt collection calls, contact WeidnerLaw for a free consultation. Our law firm acts as a consumer defense firm for hard-working Florida residents just like you. We’d be happy to look at your legal options with you.

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