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  • probate
    Are You The Beneficiary of a Will or a Trust? Hire Your Own Attorney...
    Let's say your former spouse, a parent or another loved one died and left you money...any amount of money...
  • florida foreclosures
    A Real Estate/Foreclosure Trial WIN! Foreclosure of IndyMac/Deutsche Bank DENIED!
      There aren't many things much more fun than walking out of court with a well-earned foreclosure VICTORY AT TRIAL! Read...
  • litigation, quiet title, contract disputes, injunctions, appeals
    Deficiency Actions After Foreclosure Judgments- STOP!
    Lisa Gdovin seeks review of an order denying her motion for relief from judgment in an independent deficiency action filed...
  • homeowners association foreclosure
    Homeowner's Association Foreclosure- Who Pays?
      In this consolidated appeal, Ballantrae Homeowners Association, Inc., appeals the final summary judgments entered by the trial court in...
  • buying a foreclosed home
    Buying A Foreclosed Home From Fannie or Freddie? BUYER BEWARE!
      The aftermath of the foreclosure crisis finds banks and ultimately the owners of properties Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac...
  • elective-share
    Elective Share After Divorce Proceedings: BEWARE OF CHANGES!
      One of the most important concepts people need to understand about estate planning is the concept of "Elective Share"...
  • litigation, quiet title, contract disputes, injunctions, appeals
    BANKS WIN! (again) Quiet Title, Foreclosure Judgments, Association Liens
    As a litigation attorney, I am really concerned at how cases are being handled. Take a look at this...
  • St petersburg FL Real Estate
    St. Petersburg is the HOTTEST Real Estate Market IN THE COUNTRY!
    1. St. Petersburg, Fla. June 2016 Median List Price: $219,900 June 2015 Median List Price: $159,900 Year-Over-Year Change: 37.52% Across Tampa Bay from...
  • lis pendens
    Lis Pendens, Foreclosures and Real Estate Law in Florida
    This case involves the application of Florida’s lis pendens statute, section 48.23, Florida Statutes, to liens placed on property...
  • litigation, quiet title, contract disputes, injunctions, appeals
    Quiet Title Litigation in Florida Real Estate Disputes
    Quiet title suits in Florida are a complex and difficult cause of action.  There are far too many people...
  • florida probate
    Long Running Florida Probate Case: Keep The Kids From Getting Millions! (the attorneys...
    Here's the one thing that's absolutely certain about estate planning and probate: If you don't plan properly, the attorneys make...
  • undue influence
    "Exploitation of a Vulnerable Adult" by Exerting Undue Influence
    Here at WeidnerLaw, far too often we receive calls from the loved ones and family members of vulnerable adults...
  • power of attorney
    Using A Power of Attorney to Steal From Mom....It's Elder Abuse!
    Powers of attorneys are powerful documents that are critical for just about any person to have.  This is especially...
  • florida foreclosures
    Florida Foreclosures: Why Do Judges Let The Banks Get Away With Fraud?
    The stain the "foreclosure crisis" has left upon the whole of the judicial system will take a very long...
  • litigation, quiet title, contract disputes, injunctions, appeals
    Florida Real Estate- Bert Harris Claims, Flood Insurance And Construction Permits
    There can be no question that Florida real estate law is complex and that navigating the issues surrounding real...
  • power of attorney florida
    How To Challenge the Use of A Power of Attorney in Florida
    Powers of Attorneys or POAs are very powerful documents that can be very useful in all types of situations. ...

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Losing a home through foreclosure can be frightening and stressful. Regardless of how the foreclosure threat started, there are almost always legal defenses that can help save the home. Homeowners in this situation have to decide whether or not they want to remain in the home, pursue a sale or seek modification of the terms of the loan. Or, challenge the foreclosure if the mortgage company cannot show the right to foreclose. In many cases homeowners who deal with the foreclosure head-on end up with a better resolution than those who simply walk away. This is because there are often post-foreclosure consequences that can harm the former homeowner years after they gave up the home.

Our team of attorneys helps homeowners find solutions to foreclosure. If you are in foreclosure, or expect to be, take some time to learn about the process and the defenses that may be applicable in your situation. Click on the video here or on the buttons below to learn more about options to save your home. If you need immediate representation, please contact our office for a free consultation today. Get started solving your foreclosure right now.


Are your financial, business and personal affairs in order?
This is an important question that deserves an honest answer. Especially since the estate you have established over the years can be at risk of never reaching your loved ones if consumed by matters of probate court. All that can be avoided by getting the proper legal advice and setting your matters in order right now with a probate attorney.
Our law firm provides guidance in preparing Will and Trust Documents, Powers of Attorney and advance directives for health care and other important matters. These documents must be prepared properly to withstand attacks from outsiders or others that may interfere with carrying out your instructions in situations involving representatives or trustees, incapacity or death. Even simple matters, like appointment of an agent by using a Power of Attorney document can make routine day to day matters so much easier and convenient. Contact us today to discuss your needs.


It’s not just annoying, harassing consumers to collect a debt is against the law and we can stop it.

Abusive debt collection can cause stress, anxiety and other problems and debt collectors know this. They use these pressure tactics to intimidate, threaten and pressure consumers into paying. But federal and state law, designed to stop this kind of behavior, is available to protect consumers from this kind of harm. Our firm fights abusive debt collection whether or not the source of the problem is a legitimate debt. You see, under the law, the debt collector’s conduct has nothing to do with the debt. This means debt collectors must conduct themselves properly regardless of the type of debt, amount, age of the account or other aspects of the debt. Some consumers, however, are hounded by debt collectors who have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT to collect the debt. This not only violates federal and state law, it is a form of fraud. Consumers who are harmed by this kind of conduct can sue the debt collector for damages. Sometimes this can work to eliminate the debt as well.

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