There are a whole slew of foreclosure mill attorneys that don’t understand the real value of gaining respect of their colleagues….and the court.

They operate in an environment, unfortunately nurtured by the courts, which only encourages and incentives them to win…no matter what.  When courts ignore rules of evidence and procedure….(oh blah, blah, blah…I’ve been screaming this for so long..and clearly no one cares)…the bottom line is courts have largely dissolved foreclosures down into nothing….Plaintiff comes to court….any old Plaintiff…with any old witness…saying any old thing…and they win.

In preparing for this trial, we had lots and lots (and lots) of things to hang the Plaintiff on. Some Plaintiff attorneys would have played the game…played games with the court…and frankly tried to get the court to stumble into committing reversible error.

But a good attorney knows that’s not the correct thing to do.  And so today, this good attorney for the Plaintiff did the right thing…that attorney has my respect…

What disappoints me more than anything is sitting in that courtroom and watching one foreclosure defense attorney after another or one unrepresented homeowner after another walking through with a Final Judgment of Foreclosure and knowing that so many of them do not need to end that way….

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  • concerned21  August 13, 2014 at 9:29 pm

    Well it really sucks when you have an attorney that begs you to go forward because it is a open & shut case. Then after paying him almost $35,000 and you did all the work and he is afraid of the Judge? This attorney was so scared of the Judge because it might affect his future cases. Well he never knew that we would never give up and would go to any means necessary to prove our inocense and prove that the corrupt Judge ignored his oath and the Rules of LAw.

    • Race to Discover Truth  October 14, 2014 at 7:39 am

      Who was the attorney that was afraid of the judge? I don’t believe it, I have heard this before from others.
      I am gathering facts and a comprehensive list that may show it was not the real reason.


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