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Matt Weidner is known as a passionate advocate for consumer rights and has appeared on numerous media broadcasts and has been quoted by the press for many years.  Matt has been sought out by fellow members of the Bar for his insights into the latest information on changes in the law, industry events and legal procedures that impact consumers.  He has trained numerous attorneys throughout the United States in foreclosures defense often closing with encouraging words for attendees to do everything in their power to fight against abuse and unfairness against consumers.

Matt is known as a persistent, diligent and competent advocate passionate about protecting consumers.

A graduate of the Florida State University and the Florida State University College of Law, Mr. Weidner first served as counsel to several statewide professional organizations before entering private practice in Jacksonville, Florida. A partner in the firm, Weidner, Bowden & Weidner, P.A. his scope of practice included administrative law, civil litigation and real estate litigation and where he represented individuals and corporations in a wide range of complex legal matters. Mr. Weidner was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1999 and is admitted to practice in the Federal Court, Middle District of Florida, Northern District of Florida and the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal 11th Circuit in Atlanta, Georgia.  Mr. Weidner has been practicing civil litigation since 1999 and has represented clients in foreclosure, consumer and commercial finance transactions and civil litigation since that time.

Consumer Justice Advocates, Inc.

Mr. Weidner is President of the Florida Consumer Justice Advocates, Inc., a consortium of Florida consumer law attorneys, law firms and other consumer advocates working together to fend off harmful anti-consumer legislation.

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