The State of Florida and Pinellas County in particular are most impacted by the Biggert Waters Flood Act.

I simply cannot understand why no elected “leader” from the State of Florida is doing anything at all to protect the citizens of the State of Florida…like the State of Mississippi.

Why hasn’t the City of St. Petersburg or Tampa or Pinellas or Hillsborough Counties joined, formally, in the lawsuit?

After all, St. Petersburg’s current mayor Bill Foster says that St. Pete is “ground zero” for the devastating impact of Biggert Waters.  And the entire State of Florida will be devastated.  But no one cares to do anything at all about it to challenge the Act.

That’s…that’s…abdication of responsibility.

A key component of the Mississippi lawsuit…is

The Total Failure of FEMA to Engage an Affordability Study Prior to Implementing The Act

That’s right…a key part of Biggert Waters  was the requirement that it not have economic consequences….and in this case it’s having devastating economic consequences…and the entire Act is being violated.

Presumably, the affordability study that is and remains a key component of the Act has been completely ignored.  It hasn’t even started yet and will take at least two years to complete.  And yet, despite this, the devastating effects for residents all across the country are being felt…IMMEDIATELY!

Read the lawsuit.  Doing so will help you understand just what a mess this is.  The lawsuit reads very well…quite simple to understand.  And every single citizen of the State of Florida…who are going to see property values and municipal revenue crash will ask…


The entire lawsuit is found below…click on.  Share…become infuriated….

Download The Full NFIP-Complaint Here

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  • D.  October 15, 2013 at 6:57 pm

    I alread AM!!! And feeling scared to death, and helpless!! I, like so many others, own a very modest older home, that I bough last October while going through personal difficulties.*** WHY WERE WE NOT INFORMED OF THIS PRIOR TO BUYING?!?!?*** I NEVER would have purchased this house, which I thought was an investment that would allow me to put my life back together after a divorce.! I am also the sole caregiver of an elderly parent, who has health issues… My story is only one of hundreds, if not thousands, who are in even worse situations. There is absolutely no way an increase like that is affordable, and if we walk away from our homes, many of us will lose our biggest investement- something we worked hard to earn all our lives!! And WHO will then buy these homes, with exhorbitant new rates, that aren’t even grand McMansions on the water???!!!. Our credit will also be ruined, once foreclosure sets in. so trying to even rent a home may become near impossible, due to the credit checks now usually required prior to renting. This is unconscionable, unconstitutional, and, I’ll bet, illegal. Why are we not marching on Washington for ths??? I— for one, am MAD AS HELL!!!!!!!!!

  • Larry Okarski  January 8, 2014 at 9:53 pm

    There seems to be a national program in place to relieve citizens of their money and/or prized possessions. The “Affordable Care” act will rob citizens of their health. Fraudclosure set the infrastructure in place for the Briggert Confiscation Scheme of “required” insurance yet to come. (Queue The Supremes “It’s Just a Tax” jingle). Florida has set in play Senate bill 1770 to strip Citizen’s Insurance Co. of its bread & butter lower risk non-coastal customers. By allowing Citizen’s risk-pool to be cherry picked, coastal customers will see rates rise dramatically. Can you see a pattern here? Forget about picking a doctor, you need a good lobbyist.


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